Payday Wishlist: October

That time’s rolled around again, hasn’t it? I’m filled with half-excitement and half-dread at writing these posts; I love searching out beautiful pieces but I know my bank balance will suffer… That being said, there’s not a lot of a chance that I’ll be buying a lot of these items this month; with Christmas on the horizon and flights needing to be bought to get us to our families, there’s not much spare cash left for luxury purchases. Shame, as I am utterly in love with a few of these…

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Mini Box Bag, £135
I have been longing for a mini box bag for about three years, since I first saw Alexa toting one about New York many moons ago. Reiss have come up trumps with this absolute beauty – everything about this bag is perfect (aside from the price). The shape and size are ideal, and I adore the croc-effect and that gleaming gold hardware. This beautiful bag is 100% out of my price range, so I’ll be shopping around for a lookalike over the next few weeks. Imagine, paired with a black knit sweater, leather skirt and ankle boots. Heavenly.

White Faux Fur Coat, £49.99
I first spotted this coat in the Pull & Bear store on Oxford Street a couple of weeks ago and instantly loved it. My boyfriend remarked that it looked like something Jim Morrison’s girlfriend would have worn and then I wanted it even more. It’s gorgeous! I can imagine it with pretty much everything in my winter wardrobe; it adds that kind of effortless, Kate Moss-esque “I-don’t-give-a-f**k” panache that I would love to have. It’s pretty affordable for a faux fur coat too; I think I could stretch the budget for this baby. Couldn’t you?

Black Denim Pinafore Dress, £28
This is a bit of a must-have for me – the style, not necessarily this exact dress. I realised over the weekend what my winter wardrobe is missing and it is this: the black denim pinafore. There’s not much to say about this absolute staple, so rest assured that one will be winging its way to me shortly.

Alba Warm Pink Faux Fur Coat, £350
If I thought I loved the white faux fur coat above, then I’d be thinking about having a whirlwind romance with this version. I don’t have words for how much I am infatuated with the idea of a pink faux fur coat; sounds terrible, but is totally gorgeous. The warm pink is almost rose-gold in colour, super flattering. I daren’t let myself fall too far in love with this coat because the price is ridiculous, but I imagine it with everything I own, in every situation. It is dreamy. This is what unrequited love feels like, I’m sure.

Leather Chain Crossbody Bag, £32
Back to realistic budgets. £32 is insane for a leather bag! I love a little mini bag, perfect for casual days, and I think this one is ideal for slinging on for instant chic. The bottle green colour is delicious for autumn too. If I have some leftover pennies at the end of October, this bag is coming home with me.

Lilac Spot Revere Pyjamas, £16
It’s almost winter, so you can forgive me for putting pyjamas on my payday wishlist. We were all thinking it, guys. Every winter I like to refresh my collection of super-soft, cosy pyjamas and I’m thinking about it already – it’s getting chilly! I favour “proper” pyjamas, i.e. full length, and cotton. These lilac ones fit the bill for me; I love the pretty pastel shade and I just know they’d be seriously comfortable. While my budget won’t stretch to the leisurewear of my dreams, these will keep me going just fine.

Will you be buying any of these bits this month? What’s your payday wishlist looking like?


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