Life Lately #4

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It’s been a relaxing couple of weeks, much more so than I’ve been used to of late. Not much has been going on that’s been particularly Instagram-able, so I’ll keep this nice and brief…

I had a couple of days off work a couple of weeks back, while Lewis was still in Madrid with his friends. It was so nice to have some time just to myself, to fully indulge in all of the terrible TV I love to hate, and to just be totally selfish for a couple of days. I started my free-time with a trip uptown (in the rain, but such is life), to wander around Oxford Street and the peripheries and to treat myself to some little bits for both myself and the house – I really should do a homeware haul at some point…

With the rest of my time off, I put my feet up with a box of fondant fancies and the new issues of my magazine subscriptions – Elle and Ideal Home, you fulfil all of my aspirational needs – and had repeats of The Royle Family running in the background, no idea why.

I also spent my time off getting my highlights freshened up, so I’m a lot blonder than I was in my last post. Unfortunately, I’ve just realised that I’ve not even take a photo of my new hair – #bloggerfail.

I’ve really been relishing a super-simple bedtime skincare routine at the moment; since my skin cleared up a couple of months ago, it’s gone back to being incredibly low maintenance and I’ve really been enjoying just letting it be. My current bedtime beauty stash is made up of the heavenly Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil, Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum, Elemis Rose and Jasmine Hand Cream (or Dove if I’m feeling a little less fancy), with a slick of Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter on lips, lashes and brows. So easy to do, even when I’m so tired I’m collapsing into bed!

While it’s been a calm couple of weeks, it’s been a good time to reflect on where we are and we want to be, both geographically and in life. We’re enjoying London life at the moment, but we’re both pretty sure it’s not forever, and it’s exciting thinking about what the future might hold for us together. In the meantime, it’s the perfect time of year to be exploring London and getting incredible views like the one above, from the top of Forest Hill.

See you soon!


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