A Wardrobe Haul

This has been a long time coming… it’s been a while since my last haul post, and since then, I’ve been busy building quite the wardrobe collection! Autumn is my favourite season to dress for by far, and I’ve been preparing for it since July, roughly. I definitely favour vintage vibes when it comes to this time of year; it’s the season that feels the most ‘me’. I love the colours and textures that you can get away with once the days get colder and the nights get darker, so my autumn/winter wardrobe is filled with a mix of prints, colours and textures – from hot pink satin to red wool and leopard print! My Pinterest board has never been more carefully cultivated.

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Clothes Haul Wardrobe Update Vintage Topshop Uniqlo H&M USC Next aw15

I’m going to start this off with the ultimate in basic outfits – Breton stripes and some great black jeans. I actually picked up this Breton sweater in a vintage store in Amsterdam (I know, I know), but I had to include it as it’s just the best striped top I’ve ever owned. Thick cotton, perfectly spaced stripes and that boxy shape… it ticks every box for me. I’ve been wearing it with my new favourite jeans, Uniqlo’s legging jeans. These are the softest, comfiest stretch jeans ever; just like leggings but thick like jeans, and a couple of months on, they haven’t lost their stretch or their shape either. At just £14.90, I highly recommend them!

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Clothes Haul Wardrobe Update Vintage Topshop Uniqlo H&M USC Next aw15

Topshop have just been killer for me this season; seriously, I am going to have to start actively avoiding it before I take a nosedive into my overdraft. It started with the black Victoriana dress; I saw this online and was just obsessed with the shape and the details, I had to have it. The ruffle sleeves and waist and the embroidered embellishments are just too pretty! I’ve been wearing this so often, I have to be honest. It’s perfect for work, for weekends, for dinners, for everything. I felt similar when I saw this 60s-inspired bell-sleeved boucle dress too – it was fatal. I included it on a wishlist and within a couple of days it was in my wardrobe. It’s everything I look for in a frock! I thought I was done with my Topshop obsession for AW15 until the other night, when I had one glass of wine too many and staggered into the Oxford Street store and spotted the floral midi dress I’d fallen in love with back in the summer. £20? In the bag. Drunk shopping is the best.

Technically, that’s not really the full extent my Topshop obsession – I also bought some partywear pieces from Topshop via eBay and Depop for all of the social occasions that seem to cluster up around Christmas. I threw a strop a month or so back when I didn’t have anything flattering to wear for dinner and drinks, and promptly went online. Isn’t it funny how you have so many night-out dresses when you’re a skint student, but as soon as you can go out for civilised nights, you have nothing to wear?

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Clothes Haul Wardrobe Update Vintage Topshop Uniqlo H&M USC Next aw15

I picked up this lovely black minidress for winter; I like the modest neck and sleeves, but it has a low scooped back and – the best bit – a black marabou-feathered hem. SO MUCH FUN. I can’t wait to wear this over the festive season (plus the material is pretty thick, sucking in the evidence of all those Quality Street…). Slightly less forgiving is this eyelash lace slip dress, also from Topshop. I love this; it’s pretty daring but I don’t really have very many ‘sexy’ bits in my wardrobe, so I think it deserves a spot. Lewis thought it was a negligee; I have to say it reminds me of that Friends episode when Rachel pretends her lingerie is a dress, but underwear-as-outerwear is still on trend, right? My final online bargain, you may remember from a couple of years ago. I was OBSESSED with the collection of duchess-satin dresses that Topshop brought out for the festive season, and I couldn’t find one for love nor money. Until I tried on the hot pink one in the January sales (£10!) and decided not to buy it as I “had nowhere to wear it”. Past Laura was clearly an idiot; two years later I still have nowhere to wear it but I now know that doesn’t matter. £25 on eBay brand new – a bargain, but still a bittersweet one.

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Clothes Haul Wardrobe Update Vintage Topshop Uniqlo H&M USC Next aw15

Back to the bits I will actually wear this season – I included this H&M jersey dress in a wishlist a while back, and at just £14.99, I couldn’t resist. I’ve been wearing this loads, as it’s incredibly comfortable and pretty flattering, and perfect for easy dressing for work. Another great basic is this striped dress from Uniqlo, which was just £14.99 again. It’s fantastic quality, really thick cotton, and perfect for lazy weekend dressing. No wardrobe is complete without a striped dress!

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Clothes Haul Wardrobe Update Vintage Topshop Uniqlo H&M USC Next aw15

On to tops and basics; back in the summer I finally bought a denim shirt of my own, after spending years borrowing various ones from my boyfriend and other male pals. I’m sure they will be delighted. It was just £15 in the ASOS sale at the time, and I couldn’t resist; it’s been the perfect throw-on top for autumn so far, paired with jeans or a leather skirt. I totally bought into the 70s trend (if you hadn’t guessed already) and fell in love with this pretty white Victoriana-inspired blouse, which I picked up for £10 in Primark. I haven’t worn this yet (it fits a little snugger than I’d like after a few weeks of poor diet and no gym trips!) but I’m hoping to give it its first outing soon.

I also picked up a pair of black denim dungarees after seeing them on everyone over the summer; I got these in the Next sale for £16 and while I haven’t worn them as much as I thought I would, they’re great for adding something a bit different to a casual look. Top tip – don’t wear them to B&Q like I did, people will look at you like you’re an odd kind of builder.

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Clothes Haul Wardrobe Update Vintage Topshop Uniqlo H&M USC Next aw15

Shoe-wise, these leopard print ankle boots are also from Next, but via Depop, and I love them. Nothing brightens up the old jeans-and-Breton combo like a flash of leopard at your feet, I tell you! Finally, I went totally off the scale; I bought something I have never bought before. A pair of trainers that AREN’T FOR THE GYM. A pair of trainers to just WEAR. Crazy times, who even am I? I bought these trainers in USC for £15, and then realised when I got them home that they are almost an identical match to a pair of Vans Lewis has. The couple that dress together…


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