Life Lately #5

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve really been enjoying myself, there’s been so much going on! So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been getting up to…

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I spent a fabulous evening in London after work a couple of weeks ago to meet with my cousin, who I haven’t seen for years; cue a couple of glasses of wine, lots of chatter and a couple of tipsy purchases (more on that in a minute…). London’s looking so festive at the moment, with those famous baubles already criss-crossing over Oxford Street – anyone else super excited for Christmas?!

I’ve also spent a lot of time having fun with my wonderful boyfriend, who bought me that stunning rose as a little surprise last week – he’s definitely a keeper! We went to MCM Comic Con last Saturday and it was so much fun to do something really different to our usual habits and haunts. The whole experience was really surreal but a lot of fun, there was just thousands of people dressed up everywhere! If we go to the summer one next year, I’m definitely switching the leopard fur for a dream Disney-inspired ballgown…!

Back to the drunken purchases – I’d been intending on buying the Blake lipstick from the L’Oreal Exclusive Pinks collection, but I ended up buying the Naomi shade too, as it was just too pretty to leave behind. I totally love these lipsticks and have been wearing one or the other every day since I bought them, they’re very flattering and comfortable to wear. Along with these lipsticks, I also bought a floral midi from Topshop I’d been eyeing up for months – in my defence, it was in the sale!

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks really focusing on making our flat super homely, including buying bits and pieces that we really like to fill the spaces, such as these ‘his and hers’ mugs that we picked up yesterday. So cute!

We did a lot of decorating when we first moved in back in May, but then summer happened and the thought of staying home to sand doors and paint walls just wasn’t appealing. Now the days are darker and we need to be saving our pennies for the festivities over the next few months, it’s been much easier to get into the zone, and we’ve really made some progress. Our bathroom is now completely finished, and our bedroom is now mostly done too, which is such a relief. All I needed to do was repaint the walls and ceiling white, and paint the chimney breast grey but it was just something I kept putting off. I’ll do a full post on the bedroom soon – the woodwork in here still needs to be painted white, but it’s like 90% done. I want to have the flat finished for Christmas – only the living room to go!


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