A Homeware Haul

I am quickly becoming obsessed with all things interiors since we bought our flat, and I can’t seem to be able to stop myself from searching out new bits and pieces to turn the place into our home. My taste seems to have changed considerably over the last year; where I once favoured Cath Kidston florals and pretty pastels, I’ve been leaning a lot more towards a sleeker colour palette of white, black and grey, with metallics (and the lush deep French blue we’ve painted the living room), with accessories taking on a retro, geometric theme.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been buying a few bits here and there, so I thought I’d take you through my latest purchases…

Tiger Black Wire Fruit Bowl 60s Geometric Scandi

I had to have this fruit bowl from Tiger as soon as I saw it; our office building has similar ones and I’ve been trying to find one everywhere, so this was straight into my basket. It’s so sleek and sharp, very cool, and manages to make even a bowl of bananas look interesting. For £4, you can’t go wrong!

Rob Ryan Print Love

In the same trip to Tiger, I also finally bought one of their LP frames; they’re supposed to frame records but I’ve had my eye on them for something else – a print taken from my 2014 Rob Ryan calendar. Thrifty, I know. I loved the words as soon as I saw it, and the colours match those of our living room perfectly, so now it’s framed it’s taken pride of place on our alcove shelves.

Tiger Honeycomb shelves

The last buy from Tiger was these amazing honeycomb shelves; I’ve been obsessed with these for a while, and then I saw Burkatron’s post on them, where she revealed she’d bought them from Tiger. Months later and I’ve finally managed to grab a few to brighten up our plain white bathroom and finally add a bit of interest to it! We picked two with a grey background, to match our accessories, and one with a black background to tie in the black tiles in the shower. What’s going to go in the shelves is still up for debate, but for the time being I like these little bits and pieces.

Last week, we finally went to IKEA, a long overdue trip – the last time we went was over a year ago, as it’s such a hassle to get to in London without a car (missing the easy bus route in Glasgow – sob!). But we got fed up of dropping hints and waiting for someone else to go, and hopped on the tram after work to deepest, darkest Croydon. We mainly went so that Lewis could get the pieces he needs to finish off the Algot wardrobe he’s building, but inevitably we came back with a whole lot more than that. And we still haven’t finished – we couldn’t carry flat-pack furniture on trams and trains, so we’re still waiting for someone to give us a lift!

IKEA Soft Grey Wool Throw

I picked up this cosy grey throw, for an amazing £5. I love having lots of different textures and tones in the house, and while we’re trying to put the living room together, I thought this might give us a bit of colour focus (the plan is to have the deep blue feature walls offset by plain white walls all around, with white and cream accessories, with a bit more deep blue and grey thrown in. And some gold, of course). It’s perfect for snuggling up on the sofa with now that it’s growing chilly – nothing like reaching for a blanket and a good book to make you love autumn!

IKEA pink and cream rug

Speaking of textiles, I picked up this cheap and cheerful pink and cream rug for the bedroom, to go underneath my dressing table and perk up the darker colour of the carpet – I think I had the exact same one when I still lived at home seven years ago, you can always rely on IKEA!

IKEA black retro clock

We also bought this clock for the kitchen, which I really liked because it looks so 1980s. Our kitchen is a mish-mash of different colours (the previous owners installed yellow walls, grey worktops and tiles, stone floors, and a selection of cream and black gloss cabinets, whilst all of our accessories are red…) so I’m trying to buy plain things for the kitchen until we get a chance to unleash the white paint in there, and find some cream vinyl for the black cupboards to transform them. This was about £10 and I just really like it – plus, no more burning dinner!

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Life and Style Interiors Cosy Bedroom Bed Linen Yorkshire Linen Co Sheets

You’ll have already seen my new bed linen from Yorkshire Linen Co*, which has taken up pride of place on our bed, pulling the colour scheme together and just generally feeling pretty damn luxurious. Now I’ve finally gotten around to painting the bedroom chimney breast grey (it’s only taken six months), these silver-grey sheets look even better in the bedroom. Any excuse to climb into bed an hour or so earlier!

Pink and blue his and hers coffee and tea mugs

In TK Maxx, we found these cute ceramic mugs and we couldn’t resist them; we actually have a couple of sets of glasses in blue and pink, for Lewis and I, so these seemed like a perfect addition to our collection. Add to that that mine is emblazoned with ‘Tea’, and Lewis’ with ‘Coffee’ – too cute!

Laura Ashley Lamps Candles Bronze gold Lanterns

A couple of months back, we spotted this gold/bronze lanterns in Laura Ashley on a shopping trip, and we couldn’t leave them – they look so lovely in front of our living room fireplace! They were a steal at just £11 each too, I do love a bargain.

Cult furniture copper metal cage lights

Finally in my little homeware haul, are these incredible side-lights from Cult Furniture. I’ve already waxed lyrical about Cult Furniture and I realised I’ve been talking about these lights but have never shown them off! We bought a very cool copper geometric pendant lamp for our bedroom, but we couldn’t find anything that remotely matched for our bedside lighting, until I stumbled across these mini cage lights. They’re sold out now as far as I can see, but they have similar ones on the site. They were about £20 each I think, which doesn’t sound cheap when I say that our main light was £20, but similar styles were well over £70 each. We’ve bought white wooden brackets to screw into the wall and wrap the wires around for that Scandi/retro vibe we’re trying to create.

So that’s it for my little haul – we’re by no means done yet but slowly and surely we’re building a collection of items that perfectly suit the look we’re going for. Building a home is fun!


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