The Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Children

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It’s time to think about those who find Christmas the most magical of all – the kids! Whether they’re experiencing their first Christmases or they’ve been waiting for weeks for Santa to arrive, or even if they haven’t even arrived themselves yet, I’ve got some gorgeous gift ideas.

We’ll start with the littlest ones of all; any new parent will tell you that the ubiquitous Sophie the Giraffe is an essential for any new baby, so by getting this, it’s a present for both baby and mum and dad! It’s a very cute toy that doubles up as a teething aid, and is sure to elicit joy on Christmas morning, whoever unwraps her!

Keeping on the new baby theme, there’s nothing nicer than beautiful bed linen and cosy comfort blankets for those tiny little ones, so this Mothercare cotton blanket is a perfect choice. It’s soft and pretty and beautifully presented, and practical too, perfect for bedtime, buggies or just cuddling up and keeping cosy.

We can’t forget mums-to-be on this list, who deserve something special for Christmas. Give them the gift of luxury with Elemis’ Japanese Camellia Oil, a favourite for all expectant mums, and recommended by Victoria Beckham too. It’s totally safe to use during pregnancy, and helps to relax the mind and soothe the skin in pure indulgent fashion.

The next item is something on my own personal wishlist (if only they did them for grown-ups!) and something I’ll be buying for my baby twin cousins this Christmas. These gorgeous baby bunny booties are part of a gift set with the story book ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ and would make the most delightful gift – I’m smitten! As well as these booties, I am also in love with the Jellycat bunny, and I think there’s no better present for a little one than the gift of a new lifelong friend. And finally, for slightly older bunny fans (there’s definitely a theme here), this boxed family of rabbits is just the sweetest present.

For little ones who are excited about the return of Star Wars, I’m sure they’d be delighted with this Lego Death Star Storm Troopers set. It’s sure to delight both kids and their parents who loved the franchise the first time round! Get in quick though, as it’s predicted to be one of the biggest sell-outs this Christmas.

And finally, there’s nothing like a doll’s house to elicit pure excitement, and I couldn’t find one prettier than this perfectly pink palace from Asda, of all places. Isn’t it just dreamy?!


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