Getting Festive: How To Make A Gift Hamper

Christmas is getting ever closer (six days to go – eek!) and if you’re still searching for a last-minute gift idea, look no further. Gift hampers are easy to make and lovely to give, and make a thoughtful present that’s practical too. Perfect for a late addition to the recipient list or a gift to say thanks to anyone hosting you over the festive season, a hamper can be whatever you want it to be – so it couldn’t be simpler.

I’ve made two hampers this year, one for my parents and one for my brother and his fiancee – so I can share with you how I went about making them, focusing mainly on my parents’ one, as the light went before I could snap the other one (ily, winter).

Frocks & Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Christmas Hamper Breakfast

I decided to pick a theme for each hamper based on what I thought would be most relevant; for my brother, I picked a luxury theme, comprising things I know they both love to eat but won’t splash out on while they’re saving for their wedding. I filled their hamper with goodies like posh crackers and chutney, delicious shortbread and Emma’s favourite Dutch waffles, finished off with some good-quality chocolate and a mini bottle of Prosecco. All little things that they can enjoy, little indulgences to share over Christmas.

For my parents, I decided to go with a breakfast theme, as they only get to eat breakfast together at the weekends and I know they love to make time for it. I definitely take after my parents – breakfast food is my favourite kind!

I searched hard for appropriate wicker baskets, and came across these bread baskets at Hobbycraft that are just right for mini hampers, and very cheap too. I picked up white shredded tissue for filling, and a roll of cellophane wrap too, for a final flourish. The basic components cost around £10 for both baskets, which isn’t too bad really.

For the breakfast hamper filling, I picked up a box of my parents’ favourite teabags, which I know they sometimes struggle to find, and a packet of deliciously indulgent sugared Belgian waffles. I added in a box of chocolate orange shortbread for elevenses, and a selection of miniature jams; I picked Strawberry & Champagne, Morello Cherry and Lemon Curd – yum! To finish, I added in a sweet little Christmas mug I found in TK Maxx for a couple of pounds – it’s perfect for a sip of tea, or could even be used as a sugar bowl on the breakfast table.

Frocks & Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Christmas Hamper Breakfast

The ingredients of the hamper came to just under £10, which I think is great for a thoughtful present that will come to good use, and is sure to delight when they spot it on Christmas Day – I just wish I had made one for myself!

Frocks & Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Christmas Hamper Breakfast


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