Getting Festive: Decorating the Home for Christmas

It’s a day that I await with bated breath every year; without fail, I always spend the last couple of weeks of November excitedly waiting for when it’s semi-acceptable to head up into the attic and unleash the Christmas decorations. This year, even more so, as it’s our first Christmas that we’re not in a rental, and so can technically do whatever we want to the house.

We’ve gone fairly traditional with our festive look this year; I’m torn between that cosy Nordic alpine vibe, all red and faux fur, or an incredibly cool silver and white Scandi look, but I usually end up just buying whatever takes my fancy. I truly think Christmas is a time for being cosy and happy – and sticking to a solid colour scheme (and therefore avoiding some of the best decorations ever!) doesn’t make me particularly joyful. So by traditional, I mean: cosy and cute and something like you remember from your childhood. Perfect.

I’ll start with our tree, as it’s my favourite thing about Christmas decorating! Our tree is a slim 6ft from Wilko, but it’s definitely not forever – I’ve got my eye on something more like this for next year’s festivities.


Since our second Christmas together back in 2011, when I picked up a couple of boxes of metallic and glitter mini baubles from Primark, I’ve made it a mission (or an obsession) to pick up a few new decorations every year. It’s resulted in an ever-increasingly colourful and crammed tree – my favourite kind! Here’s a few of my absolute favourites from over the years:



These two gorgeous sparkly deer are both from Tesco; I bought the pink one last year and the gold one this year for £1.50 each – I love them! Unfortunately they’re not on the website but you can pick up a similar one here.


The perks of Lewis and I sharing the same initial; we only have to buy one monogrammed decoration! This lovely glass one is backed with iridescent glitter and is from M&S; again, they’re not selling this for this season but they do have something similar if you love a monogrammed decoration.


The magpie in me couldn’t resist this oversized gold glitter bow from Tesco; it’s not online but similar here.


Lewis brought these amazing vintage Pez decorations into my life; he has a boxed set of three – two Santas and this beautiful angel. They are incredibly cool and so unusual, made so well and they even smell like Pez sweets! Apparently they’re from the early 1990s so super hard to get hold of, but I love them.


I was obsessed with these H&M red glitter glass baubles the moment I spied them in the catalogue, so I snapped them up recently when I found them alone in the Oxford Street store. Even better, they were reduced to £3 for the pair, when they’re still full price on the website! They are so beautiful, I can tell they’ll be long-term favourites of mine.


This confetti-filled M&S number is similarly spectacular; this Wilko one is a great dupe.


I picked up this industrial-style gold wire star in Wilko a few days ago and couldn’t leave without it; it adds a touch of modernity to our otherwise very retro tree!


Also from Wilko (seriously, a great place for fun and inexpensive decorations!) is this lovely Scandi-style embroidered star. I got it last year so it’s not current, but these ones are quite similar if you like the look.


Finally, this pink glass Santa bauble is just heavenly in my eyes; it reminds me of decorations on Christmas trees of my childhood and I am obsessed with it. I bought it from M&S last year but I haven’t been able to find something similar.


We have a fireplace in our front room (not our taste unfortunately, but never mind) and have made the most of it by lining it with five stockings, and finishing it off with a rustic garland along the bottom, filled with realistic berries and pine cones. Beside it sits our Laura Ashley lanterns and some candles, so the whole thing looks quite cute. Can’t wait until it’s a proper iron fireplace though…

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Christmas Decorations

My mum bought me this Christmassy bunting a couple of years ago, and it’s finally getting its first outing! It’s so cute and kitsch, with little doodles of doves and deer and Christmas trees; you can actually still pick it up here.

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Christmas Decorations

I couldn’t resist this Christmas countdown calendar when I spied it for just £3 in Sainsbury’s last year; it’s a nice little routine to have in the morning, to tick off another day and move ever closer to THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR. I’ve found you a similar one here.

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Christmas Decorations

And you might remember my glittery wreath heart from this post, and it’s finally taken pride of place in our hallway, surrounding this cute little ‘home sweet home’ sign – I love it!


Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, I hope you all enjoy a wonderful festive season filled with love and happiness. I want to thank you all again for taking the time to read my little corner of the internet this year, and I’m very excited to continue sharing and growing in 2016!



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