January Favourites

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It’s that time again! And after falling by the wayside drastically with these monthly favourites posts towards the end of last year, I’m firmly back on the wagon for 2016. January’s a pretty miserable month all told, as we know, although it’s not been too bad for me, with plenty of vouchers to spend and a little trip to Brighton too! But on the whole, this month I’ve been loving things that help me unwind, indulge and most importantly – feel good. Here we go…

I’ve been really getting into candles recently, so this Temerity Jones Wild Rose & Cashmere candle was a Christmas gift I was super happy to receive. The packaging is just gorgeous, the glass is definitely going to be repurposed in my bathroom once the candle’s burnt out. And the scent itself? Warm, soft and cosy, just like a cashmere blanket. Highly recommended if you like soft, floral scents that aren’t sickly sweet.

Perfume isn’t something I buy for myself too often, despite me being so fussy about fragrances (anything too thick or strong gives me terrible headaches!). But this year I got  Boots gift card at Christmas and realised I had a lot of points lying around on my Boots loyalty card, so I decided to cash in and stock up on some new and old favourites. I have loved BOSS Orange since it was released years and years ago, and ran out a while back, so I spent my gift card on this gift set – an amazing bargain! If you haven’t ever tested this, BOSS Orange is a woody oriental scent, with notes of apple, peach, orange flowers, cinnamon and warm vanilla – delicious!

I then spent my loyalty points on a new fragrance that really caught my fancy, Ghost Eclipse. This was another great post-Christmas bargain gift set too. I really am not a fan of the awkward moon-shaped bottle, but the scent is so pretty I can get over it. It’s a fruit floral scent with notes of bergamot, marigold, freesia and rose, finished with a warm amber and musk base. It’s light enough to wear in the daytime but sensual enough for evening too.

This month I’ve been foregoing heavy eyeliner in favour of sparkly, bright eyes, mostly to try and liven my face up in the mornings. I’ve been using the H&M Beauty High Impact eyeshadow in Ingenue, a soft pinky-white, as a soft wash over the eyelids and an intense pop of brightness in the corner of my eyes. A full review is coming soon! In the evenings, I’ve been enjoying the Stila Compact Eyeshadow in Copper; it’s a rich metallic shade that’s so unusual and really ignites the golden pigments in my eyes. A little goes a long, long way – this stuff has such a strong pigment!

Christmas might be over but my hunger for all things delicious has by no means been left in December; many a dull January evening has been perked up by dipping into this box of my favourite Charbonnel et Walker Champagne truffles! There’s a mix of Buck’s Fizz and pink and milk chocolate Marc de Champagne versions and they are all SO GOOD. Excellent choice of anniversary present there Lewis, well done.

Finally, as I mentioned, January can be a pretty miserable month, and we all need a little pick-me-up every now and again. This little book, The World Is Your Oyster, is full of phrases and quotes and sayings all designed to give you that little boost you need; I’ve been reading one every night before bed and whenever I need a little perk, and it’s a great, quick way to improve your mood and put things in perspective. A must for the bedside table!

What have you been loving this month?


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