OPI All Stars Set

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog beauty blog opi all stars gift set nail polish review opi review

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog beauty blog opi all stars gift set nail polish review opi review


Starry Eyed

Now that I’ve finally learned to grow and look after my nails, grooming them is one of my favourite pastimes. I love experimenting with treatments and new colours, and I’m now getting to sample brands I wouldn’t have been trying out before.

The guys at Just My Look very kindly sent me a little gift at the start of the New Year, in the form of the OPI All Stars polish set. This four-pack of mini OPI polishes is the perfect way to dip your toe into a traditionally more expensive nail polish brand, without committing to a full size bottle.

The set contains four polishes themed around space, astrology and the galaxy, but in fun and wearable shades. The classic red ‘Love Is In My Cards’ is the perfect everyday red, for a glamorous and glossy look, while the deeper ‘Guys & Galaxies’ reminds me of Chanel’s Rouge Noir – perfect for an elegant evening style. ‘Press * for Silver’ is a really different shade, the only way I can describe it is the silver equivalent of rose gold. It’s a cool, metallic pink with purple undertones, and I’ve had lots of compliments on the shade. Finally, ‘Is This Star Taken?’ is a cool-toned gold flecked with iridescent sparkles for a really fun, glitzy look.

As expected from OPI, the quality of the polish is excellent; it’s thin enough to be able to create layers with ease, but not at all watery. The wear time is pretty good too – considering I spend all day long tapping at a keyboard with my fingertips, I got a solid two days wear out of the paler polishes before I could notice any chips, and even then they were slight. With the darker shades I expected that the wear time would be less but I still only saw very slight chips after a day’s wear. I would advise using a high-quality top coat to lock the colours in but they’re of a great quality alone too.

Have you tried OPI?


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