H&M Beauty High Impact Eye Colour

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The beauty world has been alight with chat about H&M’s new beauty offering over the last few months. Gone are the days of sticky lipglosses, flimsy brushes and garish colours; the high street superchain has gone all grown-up with its new cosmetic collection.

I’ve been desperate to check out the range and finally got around to dipping my toe with the purchase of one of the much-discussed High Impact Eye Colours. I was looking for the shade Baci de Dama, but this seems to be missed out of the Oxford Street store’s range. So I settled on Ingenue; a light, pearly pink-white shade that I thought would be perfect for brightening up my eye area and creating softer looks.

First up, the packaging: it feels so luxe for a high-street brand, and I particularly liked that it comes boxed, which is rare for a product costing only £4.99. And the compact itself is very pretty; I love the gold lid with the peep at the colour inside, and the white feels clean and sharp. It doesn’t feel high-end, but it certainly doesn’t feel too cheap either.

Colour-wise, I really like Ingenue. I swatched most of the paler shades and this just kept coming back to me. It’s a very soft, pearlescent white with a hint of pink, so it’s not too stark or bright, and there’s not too much shimmer in it either. The ideal colour for placing in the corner of the eyes for a wide-awake look, or wearing with a palette like the Naked 3 for a soft, feminine vibe.

In terms of the formula, I’m not convinced, and this is kind of where it falls down a little bit for me. When swatching instore with my fingers, the formula was velvety and buttery-soft, and smoothed onto my skin like a dream. The pigment was also very strong when swatched this way. However, when applying with brushes, I feel like it’s so much harder to pick the product up and disperse it onto skin – maybe that’s just my brushes, but it feels like a very different product at home. I don’t like applying eyeshadow with my fingers (does anyone really do that?) but I kind of feel like that might be the only way to make the best of this product. I do love the colour though, so I’m going to try a few brushes and persevere – it’s worth it for the wide-awake, Sixties vibe Ingenue has!

Sadly, the collection is only available in flagship stores, so for the time being it’s online only for most of the UK – you can shop it here.

Have you tried anything from H&M Beauty?


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