February Favourites

My Favourite Things


While it’s been so bitterly cold this month, I’ve been loving Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter; it’s the best thing to soothe dry, chapped skin in an instant. I’ve written about my love for this before, but it’s really come into its own this winter. It’s made with only three ingredients so it’s super natural and so soothing.


A late entry for this one, as I only picked this up at the very end of the month, but I’m already obsessed with Clinique Pop Lip lipstick, in the shade Poppy Pop. I’ve got a review coming on this soon, but basically it’s just the most comfortable lipstick to wear, in a really flattering cool red shade.

New Purchase

Our new vintage G Plan sideboard definitely takes the prize for my favourite purchase of this month! We found it on Gumtree at the start of the month and it was an absolute steal – you can read my full post on it here. I’ve really been enjoying dressing it with my favourite home accessories too.

Item of Clothing

I couldn’t resist this black suede skirt when I spied it in the ASOS sale a few weeks back, especially with an extra 10% off. A real suede skirt for less than Β£20! It’s a really flattering A-line shape, and I love the contrasting stitching too.


After my old black handbag broke, I was on a mission to find something to fill the void, and this sleek black bag from H&M fit the bill perfectly. I love the gold hardware and the little details, like the tassel ties and the braiding on the handles. It’s the perfect everyday accessory.


Nothing new here, but ASOS have been killing it for me this month. I’ve had to hold myself back from making multiple orders this month, and I can’t wait for payday to pick up a few more bits I’ve spotted that will be perfect for Spring.

TV Show

Yep, I’ve been glued to The People vs. OJ Simpson like everyone else, but this month, while it’s been so cold outside, I’ve been enjoying holing up indoors with Netflix and a whole host of old BBC sitcoms. Him & Her, Gavin & Stacey, The Royle Family and a few others too. Perfect comfort TV!


I’ve dedicated so many evenings this month to finally reorganising my Spotify playlists, so I’ve fallen back in love with so many songs I haven’t listened to in forever. Check out my Spotify profile here.

Food & Drink

A few weekends back, I finally got around to trying out Nigella Lawson’s recipe for Cookie Dough Pots – and oh my god. I want to eat them every day. They’re basically the gooiest, most delicious cookies ever, but baked in ramekins so you can eat them like a pudding. Especially amazing topped with cookie dough ice cream too!


We really did treat ourselves this month, with the purchase of a brand new record player. After much deliberation, we decided against a Crosley (pretty, but a reputation for tinny sound and a record-damaging needle put us off) and went with a Project Essentials turntable, in white, of course. A house isn’t a home without a record player!

Catch my next monthly favourites at the end of March!


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