The Duo That’ll Lock Down Your Makeup

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On Lockdown

We all lead incredibly busy lives these days, with most of us out of the house for 12 hours or more on weekdays – so it’s fair to say that we need products to ensure that makeup will last. Part of my job involves me ensuring that I look well-groomed and well-presented at all times, so there’s nothing worse than darting to bathroom only to find that your chin has gone patchy, your concealer’s creasing or your skin is super shiny. I hate getting home and looking in the mirror, only to think “Did I look like this all day?!”.

But luckily, I think I’ve stumbled across a duo that ensures that my makeup is locked down the whole day long. After using this combo for the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that my makeup looks as fresh at 10pm as it did when I applied it at 7am. The best part? Both are budget products that are so easy to get your hands on!

Rimmel’s Fix & Perfect Pro Primer is a bit of a secret, but it really shouldn’t be. I’ve been using various primers over the years but I haven’t found one I’ve liked more than this. It’s incredibly creamy and smoothing, without that weird silicone feel, and quickly absorbs on to skin to create a hydrated, bright and smooth base. It doesn’t ball up like some primers if you apply it straight after moisturiser, and it doesn’t leave any greasy residue. I love the way my skin looks after applying this, and it really does create the ideal canvas for my makeup to stick to.

After applying my full base – everything up until eyeliner/mascara – I like to use a setting spray. I’ve been using the Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Spritz for years, but when I saw it had had yet another price increase (seriously, the Body Shop gets more expensive every time I visit) I decided to see what else I could find. I came across the newly-released Maybelline Superstay 24h Setting Spray in Boots and decided to give it a whirl. It’s a thumbs up from me!

This spray isn’t luxurious like the Body Shop one, it doesn’t smell of roses or feel like a spray-on moisturiser. However, it does lock down your makeup and keep it looking fantastic for the entire day. You need to shake the bottle very well and then spritz four times over the face in a clockwise motion for optimum results. When I say shake very well, I mean it – the first few times, I didn’t do that and ended up with weird, powdery white dots on my face, and the reviews on tell similar tales. But if you use it properly, the results are amazing. I don’t use this over my mascara or eyeliner as neither are waterproof, but over the rest of my face, I love it.

Fresh, dewy, flawless makeup the whole day long – have you tried either of these products?


3 thoughts on “The Duo That’ll Lock Down Your Makeup

  1. BeautyliciousStyle says:

    I have just stumbled upon the Maybelline spray also. I am still testing it out. I will have a review on my blog soon so stay tuned for it…. I agree with you about shaking it really well, that’s a must! I haven’t tried the Rimmel primer yet. Great post! ★♥

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