Five Good Things #2

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It’s been a really crazy, strange and exciting week this week…

  • I started my new job this week! As I mentioned, I recently accepted a role in fashion PR in an agency that I’ve known of for a long while, and so far, so fabulous. I’m really enjoying it so far, the team are lovely and I’m super excited about the months to come and the things I’ll be learning and working on. It feels so good to be excited about work again!
  • Lewis had to be away all this week (literally from like 3am Monday morning til 9pm last night) and I was super lonely and getting really fed up, but now he’s home and I am so happy!! So excited for a lazy, cosy catch-up weekend together.
  • I’m managing to stick to my new routine fitness-wise, and have been able to make room for a few little treats too. I’m trying to stick to a routine of two hour-long Results With Lucy workouts per week, and I’ve started trying the quick 20 minute HIIT workouts on Popsugar on inbetween days too. I’m trying to relax into having a cheat day but so far, the guilt is too much. Must learn to chill!
  • I was able to spend a little bit of time with my grandparents earlier this week and it was so nice to see them. They don’t live too far away but in a place that’s pretty awkward to get to without a car, but we’ve found a place in the middle that’s easy for everyone to reach. I met up with them for some food and a catch-up and really enjoyed myself, they are just too cute.
  • Doesn’t it feel like Spring is on its way?! Sure it’s still icy cold in the mornings, and I’m usually rummaging for my gloves whilst waiting for my train home, but crocuses are budding in the grass opposite our house and I’m leaving the office in daylight – little things that are perking up every day and making me so excited for bare legs and warmer days!

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