Five Good Things #4

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Of course, this week kicked off with a bank holiday – surely the best way to spend Monday morning is to sleep in until 11am, enjoy a lazy breakfast and then potter around for the rest of the day? Sets me up just right for the week anyway!

PAYDAY. *chorus of angels* YES.

Payday also means I’ve treated myself to the most gorgeous print for our living room wall. After much deliberation, Lewis and I have settled on a pair of matching prints, and we’ve purchased one each, to brighten up our plain back wall. I won’t share them with you yet but they are so cool and I am so in love with them! I’ll do a separate post about them soon.

Post-Easter means all the discounted chocolate – which, strictly speaking, I’m supposed to be limiting myself to. But who can resist a 50p tube of Mini Eggs or a 75p marzipan-filled half egg? Not me. I’ll do some squats later.

We’re going to look a booking a trip this weekend for a couple of weeks/months time, to go and see some friends and family – it’s been three months!! I am so looking forward to getting something on the calendar and flitting off for some fun up north!


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