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Now we’ve finally gotten around to the finishing touches for our flat, it’s time for the fun stuff – choosing accessories and artwork! I’ve been gradually building a collection of pretty and practical home accessories for about a year now, since we knew we’d be moving in here, but artwork’s been something we’ve had to leave until the very end, until we knew what would suit our space.

There’s so many places to shop online for prints and artwork, but one of my favourite places to buy artwork is Society6. It’s a site selling the work of independent artists from all over the world, and you can get their work printed onto anything from traditional prints to cushion covers and phone cases. So not only do you find amazing, creative and unique artwork for your home, but every purchase supports an independent artist too. The prices vary as the artists set their own, but usually things are very affordable.

There are literally millions of things to buy on the site so whittling down your favourites is tricky, but I’ve chosen a few for this post that might be making their way to me soon. We have a lot of white and grey in our flat, with flashes of black, pink and gold, so these prints work so well for our colour scheme. I’m hoping to prop the spots and the gold marble up on our bedroom shelf, hang the pineapple in our bathroom and keep the constellations in the lounge – I’m sure I’ll find space for the others too!

Where’s your favourite place to buy prints?



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