Four To Try: My Favourite Candles

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I’ve really gotten into candles over the last few months. They’ve always been a nice thing to have, but I never really ‘got’ them until last winter, when my obsession suddenly took hold. Now I absolutely love them, and the evening doesn’t feel right unless there’s a carefully-chosen candle burning away on the coffee table. I’ve slowly been collecting more and more fragrances, but for now, here’s my favourite four…

I got this luxurious Parks Aromatherapy candle in Wild Fig, Cassis and Orange Blossom last summer as a gift, and it sat unused in its box for months as it smelled so wintry. It’s a very strong fragrance in the jar, very heady and deep, and I wasn’t sure I’d like it. How wrong I was. Once burning, this is a warm and indulgent fragrance that fills the flat within about twenty minutes, and just smells gorgeous, strong but not overpowering. It sets the mood perfectly for a relaxing evening, and you can often still smell it the next day too. We’ve been burning this almost every night for months now and there’s still some left – that 80 hours burn time is looking good at this point. Parks candles aren’t especially cheap, but you can often pick them up for much less in TK Maxx – which is where the next two picks came from too!

While Christmas shopping a few months back, I spied a load of Cowshed boxed travel candle sets in TK Maxx and had to have the Lazy Cow set for my own. It’s a cute box of four miniature candles in pretty white embossed glasses, and the Lazy Cow fragrance is a beautiful woody, oriental jasmine fragrance. There’s sandalwood and chamomile in there too, for a really relaxing, calming experience. I love the idea of these being travel candles – I might take a couple with me when I’m next away so I can feel like I’m at home wherever I am. With ten hours burn time in each candle, I think they’ll cover me for a few trips yet.

Lewis knows my obsession better than most and so treated me to another beautiful candle for Valentine’s Day. I’d never heard of the brand Cote Noire before but this is legit the fanciest candle ever; it came in a ribbon-tied box,  in a black satin cushion surround. And the jar is pink and gold, so it was a definite winner. He chose the fragrance ‘Confit de Grenade’ or candied pomegranate, and it is heavenly – floral and fruit and sweet, without being sickly or overpowering. It’s perfect for Spring as it smells so fresh and pretty, and again, it really fills the room with the scent. Plus that jar will look so good in my bedroom once it’s burned out!

Finally, I got the Temerity Jones Wild Rose & Cashmere candle for Christmas, again from Lewis, and I highly recommend it. Not only  is the packaging gorgeous, but this is such a comforting, sumptuous fragrance. It leaves you feeling cosy, like you’re wrapped in a cashmere blanket! They’re a pretty hard brand to get hold of so I’d stock up – there’s a place in Spitalfields market that sells the brand so next time I’m in E1, you know what I’ll be doing!

Have you tried any of these candles? What are your favourites?


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