Monthly Favourites: April

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The first thing I notice when I get dehydrated or over tired is how crepey and dry the area under my eyes looks. After a bit of trial and error, I’ve found a routine that works really well for me. In the morning I use Simple’s eye cream over my moisturiser and a nourishing setting spray, but I go for something a little more intense at bedtime. After smoothing on my favourite Body Shop Vitamin E serum, I make sure to dot the Dermalogica Ultra Calming Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum under my eyes with my ring finger too. It’s so gentle and cool, and really soothes and hydrates this delicate area – so no more base settling in fine lines in the morning!


Looking back on photos past, I can’t believe I used to take the ‘eyes or lips’ rule so seriously – if I wore eyeliner, I wore nothing on my lips at all. How and why, I do not know. These days, I feel like I look so unfinished without a quick slick of lipstick, and I am obsessed with this suits-all everyday shade – the Rimmel Kate lipstick in 38. It’s a soft peachy nude with a slightly brown undertone and it is perfect. So there.


Not strictly a purchase, as it was so kindly gifted to me, but this month I am utterly in love with my new Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 polaroid camera – in pink of course! I was sent it for a blog project you’ll see in action in the next few weeks, but I’ve been loving using it so far. I’ve wanted one for ages and I am so pleased to have one of my own to play with – it’s so cute and the prints are super fun and great quality too.


This month I have bought a lot of clothes – new job + new season = invariable need to replenish and refresh my wardrobe – but I have found a firm favourite in this beautiful pink Breton top from BDG at Urban Outfitters. Pink and Breton?! The cut is perfect, as is the rosy shade of pink, and the thick fabric feels so luxe and great quality. I know I will wear this to death.


This is a weird one as the weather’s been so crazy this month, but bear with me. For the first part of April (when it was super sunny and it felt like summer had arrived early) I rediscovered my love for these gorgeous Jeepers Peepers tortoiseshell and gold wayfarers (similar here), perfect for any outfit and any occasion. Sadly I’ve had to put them back in their case while the sleet and snow are having their moment, but I hope to pop them back in May!


Tough one, but ASOS have killed it for me this month. I have spent too much money there and had too many parcels delivered, and I regret nothing. The sale was great for my wardrobe!


April saw the return of The Tunnel and it has had me gripped so far. We caught up with the first season earlier this year, centred on a serial killer striking in both England and France, starring French mega babe Clemence Poesy and absolutely loved it, so I’m pleased the second series has arrived so soon after for us (hallelujah for catch-up TV)! It’s really edge-of-the-seat stuff and so interesting, perfect if you’re looking for a thriller with class, wit and actual genuine fear.


I was nothing short of devastated when Prince passed away in April. I have loved Prince for as long as I can remember, culminating in one of the highlights of my life when Lewis and I saw him play in Glasgow a couple of years ago. So naturally, all I’ve been listening to this month is our Prince collection in the flat, paired with the classic playlists on Tidal for out and about. Less of a monthly favourite and more of a forever favourite, but there’s no better time to remember what an incredible artist he was.


Earlier this month, we took a trip over to Chelsea for a day out up west, and ended up in the Made In Chelsea haunt, The Bluebird. I didn’t know what to expect but I had probably the best non-alcoholic cocktail of my life, made with lychee, fresh strawberries and soda, and a delicious avocado chicken sandwich and seriously good fries. Well worth the trip to the Kings Road!


This month our main treat has been travel! Lewis and I have booked a trip to Aberdeen (back where it all began, ahh…) to see both of our families, and then in June we’re off to Edinburgh for a family wedding and some sightseeing around one of our favourite cities. We’ve also just booked a summer holiday to Barcelona in September – so it’s fair to say we’ve treated ourselves a fair bit this month! I’ve a feeling May won’t include quite so much shopping and dinners out…


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