My Favourite Lipsticks

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I don’t know about you, but I just don’t feel ‘done’ without my lipstick. A quick slick is all it takes to lift a look from bland to beautiful, plain to perfection. I definitely don’t have the biggest lipstick wardrobe in comparison to other beauty bloggers, but I do know what I like. Let me talk you through my top ten, from dark to light.


The darkest lipstick I own is Rimmel Kate in Wine 107; this dark burgundy is just the most gorgeous colour in the winter months. I’ve worn it less since going blonde, but as a brunette I adored it and loved using it to add a dramatic edge to a plainer look. It’s quite a dry formula, as a lot of darker colours are, but the colour payoff is intense and looks so good, plus it doesn’t fade for hours.

My absolute favourite lipstick of all is a bright red – Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet in La Malicieuse to be precise. This is a slightly coral but still cool-toned red that lifts any look and instantly adds classic Hollywood glamour, in the most delectable velvety formula that lasts and lasts. I am incredibly sentimental about this lipstick (I bought it in the original Chanel store in Paris on my birthday) and so haven’t used it too much, but it is wonderful. Expensive but wonderful.

To get my scarlet lipstick fix without breaking the bank, Rimmel Kate in 22 is ideal. This is a classic postbox red with blue undertones (no yellow teeth!) that always looks fresh. It is however quite an oily formula so does require maintenance throughout the day.

A new favourite of mine is Clinique’s Pop Lip in Poppy Pop; this is a lipstick/primer combo that delivers gorgeous colour in a soft, comfortable, long-lasting formula. I adore this soft red colour as it’s not too bright, making it the perfect choice for daytime wear. It feels like a lip balm to apply and wear, super comfortable and low maintenance.


Don’t we all love a pretty pink lip? I get a fresh pink look with Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in Pink Blush, a soft posy pink that looks lovely on the lips and brightens up the whole complexion. Perfect for wearing with heavy eyes or minimal makeup too.

For a summery  peachy coral-pink, Rimmel Kate in 16 is just gorgeous. It’s fresh and punchy and bright but manages to stay wearable and relaxed – it’s not a ‘shouty’ lip. It’s probably one of the creamier Kate formulas along with one of the nudes I’m going to be talking about, making it ideal for long summer days. Lovely with paler skin or with a golden tan!

As I’m writing this, I realise I’ve photographed the next lipstick in the wrong place, but just go with it. If I’m looking for a bright party pink, L’Oreal’s Exclusive Pinks Collection lipstick in Blake’s Pink is ideal. This is a bright but slightly sheer rose pink, so it stands out without being matte and loud, if you know what I mean. The slight sheerness keeps it elegant, which I love. It’s a bit much for daytime but for evening drinks or nights out, tres chic.


Again, I’m in the wrong order here. But another one of the L’Oreal Exclusive Pinks Collection has made the cut, and this time I’m including it in the Nudes collection. Naomi’s Pink is a soft, dusky rose that gives me that my-lips-but-better vibe – it’s a more perfected version of my own lip colour. I wear this pretty much every day, as it’s the ideal way to finish off any makeup look for any time of day. So versatile and so comfortable to wear, such a creamy formula and I love the packaging too.

For a warm, bright nude, Rimmel Kate in 38 is just lovely. It’s a kind of toffee, creamy pink nude that lends itself really well to most makeup looks. Again, the formula is super soft and creamy which makes all the difference with a nude lipstick, and it’s quick and easy to slick on and brighten up your look.

Finally, a bold ‘true’ nude for you. Revlon’s Super Lustrous in Nude Attitude is *the* lipstick if you’re looking to achieve that classic 1960s look of heavy eyes, nude lips. It’s a very pale flesh-toned nude, but it has just enough warmth and life in it that you don’t look as if you’ve blanked your lips out with concealer. In its own way, this is a very bold lipstick to wear so I do only usually pair it with specific makeup looks. The formula is also quite dry and can drag a little, but I had to include it as I’ve never found a better matte nude. It’s tough love, but it’s true love.


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