Five Good Things #8

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So I didn’t post one of these last week (this post went up instead) so this week’s highlights will span the last couple of weeks instead…

After three long months, I finally had my hair sorted out today. A fresh batch of highlights and a much-needed chop has left me with beautiful, shiny, pearly blonde hair and no more dark roots! After twelve weeks I definitely had some serious regrowth, so it feels so good to have lovely bright new hair again, ready for a summer full of family trips and special events. Catch a peep at it here, and expect lots of advert-style swishing in the next few days!

I caught up with friends this week after another long interval, at my darling friend Chloe’s leaving do – she’s heading off to Ireland next week to have her own little adventure, so it was the perfect opportunity to book a booth in an Irish pub and get a bit merry, ending the week perfectly. It was also a great way to catch up with other friends and bump into a few people that I’ve not seen for years and reminisce about our time at school and the years since – how quickly time has passed!!

Despite promising myself that I wouldn’t buy anything new this month and would only spend money on my hair, I have made a couple of new purchases this month (quelle surprise). I went onto the Warehouse website on a whim and within five minutes had bought a very cute navy box cross-body bag and the navy sailor blouse of my dreams, complete with full collar, both in the sale! I thought this bag would be ideal for the summer and beyond, as I don’t always like pale bags and this is just roomy enough to fit all the essentials in. The blouse is just perfect – I have been looking for one like this for more years than I care to remember so to finally have it in my wardrobe is very satisfying.

Also this week I finally tracked down a pair of shoes I have lusted after since Christmas, and they are now sitting pretty in my wardrobe. I totally fell in love with these silver leather ghillie shoes back in the winter on the Boden website but at £90, they were too steep for my budget. I missed out on them in the sale when they were reduced to £30 but after spying someone with a similar pair last week, I decided to hunt them down again – and immediately found a single pair on eBay, brand new in my size. It was fate. They are heavenly, and so perfect for creating a dressy look out of a casual outfit.

The last thing is a small thing but it’s made my week considerably brighter – last week I was disgustingly sick with the worst cold/virus I’ve had for months and months, but after a weekend of lazing in the sofa and in the sun, I’ve felt a million miles better this week. Just shows what sleep and sunshine can do!



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