Five Good Things #9

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It’s been another whirlwind of a week; dragging at one moment, flying past the next!

This week was a great one at work; I’m not usually one to talk about the ins and outs of my job on my blog but some amazing pieces of coverage came off this week and I’m super proud of myself. From a full page in the Daily Mail (and this ginormous article online) to an unbelievable slot on This Morning yesterday, I’ve really felt my hard work paying off this week and it feels great!

Outside of work, I’ve been keeping busy too. Always around this time of year, I love a proper clear-out and a tidy-up, and we’ve been fairly cracking on with this over the last couple of weeks. Over a couple of nights this week I finally got down to addressing my wardrobe, reorganising it and getting rid of anything that didn’t work anymore. I even managed to fit in a shoe and handbag cull! Safe to say, things look a lot tidier in here and that always makes me feel good. Tidy house, tidy mind!

Of course, while throwing things away, I ended up buying something new too. We have a family wedding up in Edinburgh next month and I’ve been set on wearing a particular dress in my wardrobe for months. Of course, a month before I’ve decided I want to wear something else! I fell in love with a particular maxi dress on ASOS back in the Christmas sale, but didn’t manage to get my hands on it before it went out of stock. Six months later I found myself thinking it would be perfect for the wedding and sought to track it down, and so I did – it’s now winging its way to me and I can’t wait to wear it!

Family is going to be a key fixture over the next month or so, we’ll be visiting them all over the country! Tonight, I’m heading over to my brother’s to go out for dinner with him, his fiancee, my uncle and my grandparents and I’m really looking forward to it. Despite us living so close to each other we don’t see each other that often so I’m excited to have us all together for a few hours.

And it’s Lewis’ turn next week, as we’re heading up to Aberdeen for the bank holiday weekend (meaning one of these posts next Saturday is probably quite unlikely!). We’re flying up straight after work and have a full weekend of fun planned, including catching up with friends I’ve not seen for months (and in one case, almost two years!), my other set of grandparents, and of course, Lewis’ family too. I’m really looking forward to a chilled weekend up in the countryside, seeing everyone we love, before we do it all again in Edinburgh in June!


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