My Shoe Collection


Now here’s one of those blog posts that would probably be better condensed into a video… but here we are . I wanted to share my shoe collection with you; from boots through to heels, sandals and everyday pumps, shoes are the finishing touch to every outfit and I love picking an extra pretty pair to brighten up a casual outfit.

Make sure you’re settled with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two, it’s going to be a long one…

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog shoe collection trainers ankle boots heels sandals pumps


As I mentioned above, I love a really special pair of flats to lift any outfit into a new level of style. A particular favourite look of mine is a Breton tee, a pair of jeans and one of these super sparkly styles – casual chic at its finest!

Left to right, we have a pair of ankle strap block heel shoes from good old Marks & Spencer, which are in an amazing pale silvery pink glitter finish. They’re so comfortable and look great with dresses and jeans alike! The navy pair are a work-friendly new addition to my shoe collection, they’re a soft suede-style with a navy glitter block heel, so cute. I picked them up at the last Blogger’s Market for just £5 and already they’ve become a firm favourite and a great choice for everyday wear. Finally, these amazing pink glittery flats were just £8 in the Topshop sale and make everything better. I love the cute 60s style and the gold block heel – these are just too pretty for words! Check them out here.

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog shoe collection trainers ankle boots heels sandals pumps

White wonders

In the summer, I love a white shoe. Impractical, yes. But so chic!

The flat pair with the woven strap are a pair I got from work, from the brand Rocket Dog. So far I’ve only worn them a few times (we’ve only had a few sunny days, it’s early yet!) and they are starting to feel like a bit of a staple style. They look great with a summery tee and jeans for a laidback look, I just need to wear them in a bit more to make sure they’re super soft and comfortable in time for the real summer to arrive…

The strappy white sandals were purchased last year from New Look, and they are great for dressier days – you can see them in action in this post. I picked up the white glove shoes from Topshop a couple of months ago and love them so far; the leather is so soft and comfy, and these shoes look great with a simple jeans-and-tee look or a pretty summer dress.



We all need staple every day styles, and for me it’s loafers and ballerina pumps. Quick and easy, and they go with every outfit!

The black patent loafers are the ideal dressier option but I always go for either these pretty pink pumps or the blue satin version – comfy and cute, and I love the colours.

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog shoe collection trainers ankle boots heels sandals pumps

mid heels

Being 5ft7, I don’t always want to add any extra height to my frame. However, there are some times when you still want to wear heels, even if it’s not going to be a big night out or a really special occasion. That’s where my favourite mid-height heels come into play.

The black bow open-toe sandals are from New Look, and are ideal for a fancier dinner, drinks with friends or work events, which is what I originally bought them for. The block heel is pretty small at about 2.5 inches, so they’re very comfortable and easy to run around in. The white River Island slingbacks were purchased for my best friend’s engagement party a couple of summers ago, and they’ve had a couple of outings since. They are a very low kitten heel (don’t shudder, I know) but the pointed toe and glossy white sheen makes them stay cool and chic, not 80s Essex girl. While I originally wore these with a silk taffeta party dress, I prefer to pair them with jeans and a pretty blouse for a day-to-night look these days.

I picked up the amazing silver t-bar heels in the Topshop sale a couple of winters back, and while they’ve only had a couple of outings, I absolutely love wearing them. They’re so cute and incredibly comfortable! I wore them at Christmas and had so many compliments on them, they’re just ideal for dressing up without going overboard. A real statement shoe!


high heels

Now on to the real bad boys… these babies don’t get broken out often, only very special occasions will see me in a mega heel these days!

Remember a few years back, when all everyone wanted was a pair of Topshop Allegra boots? Well, say hello to a pair of eBay dupes that are still going strong four years on. They’re ideal for a big night out as they’re incredibly comfortable, thanks to the chunky block heel and the platform sole, but still so cool – nothing works with a LBD like a pair of black heeled ankle boots!

I love retro, sixties-style heels and they’re often more ornamental than useful in my life. These next two pairs are the perfect example of that, as I’ve not yet worn either of them, but I love to look at them! The black velvet t-bars are from New Look and they are heavenly; I would have worn these lots if they had a platform sole, as they’re so high and I can imagine them being really painful after a couple of hours’ wear. But look at them! I picked up the beautiful blue glittery Boden pair at the Blogger’s Market a couple of months ago too, and again, they just sing to the magpie in me. They are very high and make me probably a bit too tall – so I can almost definitely see these acting as decoration for my shelves rather than on my feet…



In the autumn, all I ever wear is boots. Ankle boots, to be precise; I just can’t get enough! They’re perfect with dresses and skirts or jeans and jumpers, and the right pair can elevate pretty much any outfit.

My staple is always a pair of black Chelsea boots, as they go with everything and make any outfit look good. This pair is from Dorothy Perkins and cost just £10 in a mid-season sale. They’re cool and comfortable, with a very pointed toe and a side zip detail.

A statement pair is always a good idea, and they don’t come much more statement than this amazing leopard print pair! They’re from Next of all places – who would have thought it?! I absolutely love these boots; they’re a pony skin texture, with a cool block heel and gold zips at the sides. They’re super comfortable and they make any old outfit suddenly look chic and well-planned – it’s the dream! I also love these cool 60s mod-style boots, which I picked up in Primark earlier this year. They are exactly the shape I was looking for, in a soft black suede-esque texture. I love wearing these with a floral midi dress for day-to-night style that looks and feels oh so cool.

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog shoe collection trainers ankle boots heels sandals pumps


I’m finishing off with a shoe collection I never thought I’d have… If you’d have told me two years ago I’d own trainers that weren’t for the gym, I’d have run screaming. To me, trainers were the preserve of the cool girl and the tomboy, neither of which I fit into. However, in the last year or so, the winds have changed and I’ve realised the appeal of having shoes which are actually comfortable to wear all day!

The black pair were my first purchase outside of gym wear, purchased from USC, as I didn’t want to spend too much on a style I wasn’t sure I’d wear too often. However, they’ve turned into a bit of a staple for me – comfort is a revelation! The middle pair are my official gym shoes, but of course I had to pick the pink and grey ones – gym kit has to be fun too! The final pair are my most recent purchase and they’ve barely left my feet. Just £14.99 from H&M, they are just so cool and I can’t stop wearing them. I’m even thinking about buying a second pair as backup!

So there we are, my full shoe collection* in all its glory. What are your must-have shoes?

*After photographing and drafting this post, I also bought these. Imagine them in the ‘sparkly flats’ category. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


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