My Handbag Collection

it’s in the bag

So I’ve talked you through my shoe collection, now it’s time to turn to that other staple accessory – the handbag. I’ve recently whittled down my collection somewhat, so here’s what’s made the cut…

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Black bags

The classic black bag is basically all you need – it’s simple, it’s chic, and it goes with everything. My most recent acquisition is from H&M, an elegant black everyday bag with gold hardware and tassels – you can read my full post on it here. For a dressier, retro vibe, this black kiss-lock bag from House of Fraser is a great option. I don’t use it very often but it always looks cool! Finally, this black leather tote bag was an absolute steal when I found it in Gap back when I was sixteen – just £20 for the softest leather I have ever found. It’s a bit battered and bruised now but I can’t bear to part with it; plus it holds everything – I could probably get a weekend’s worth of stuff packed in this!


pink bags

Blush pink is a great alternative to black when the weather turns a bit warmer; it’s bright and breezy and oh so pretty! For daytime looks, this enormous pink bag from H&M is a gorgeous option. It’s pretty oversized but it does make a statement, and again it holds everything you could possibly need. I love the soft gold hardware on this too! For evenings or more glam daytime events, this beautiful pink leather Ted Baker bag is dreamy. It doesn’t hold much but it sure looks good!


mini bags and vintage bags

Even though I like to carry the kitchen sink around with me on a day-to-day basis as a general rule, every now and again I prefer something a little smaller and more elegant. The burgundy dual-pocket bag from Zara is especially roomy for being so small, but I don’t use it often as it’s not overly secure, with wide open spaces at the top. The little brown number is a vintage buy that I got for just £2, and it’s one of my favourites. It’s great quality leather with lots of little pockets and flaps and hidden bits, and it always looks good. The white sixties frame bag is super cute and perfect for getting that vintage vibe. I think I found this on ASOS Marketplace and couldn’t leave the page without purchasing, it’s the bag of my retro dreams!


clutch bags

I don’t often use clutch bags, but I have a few staples I know will always look good. The black trio-zip bag is from Mango and a great dupe of the Celine Trio; it’s not fantastic quality (the pockets are now sewn to each other as the poppers were so poor!) but it does the job and admittedly, it looks great. The silver moon bag from The Whitepepper was a fun impulse buy and I still love it, it’s a great way to pep up a simple evening outfit and make it fun and stylish! Check out my review on it here.

Again on the glitter theme, this iridescent glitter clutch was just £3 from H&M a few years ago and still looks great whenever I dust it off and pull it out of the wardrobe for a night out. And finally, my most-used of all of these is the black laser-cut envelope clutch from New Look, as it’s so versatile and so spacious – it looks great with everything from jeans and a blouse to a LBD!

What’s in your handbag collection?


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