Five Good Things #11

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This week has been an odd one, with some ups and downs, some worries, some tears shed and unsure moments, but there has definitely been some upsides that have put a big smile on my face too. It’s all about finding the balance, and while this week may have been a bit of a blue one, I’m confident that next will be much better…

The first thing to put me in a great mood this week was the start of the midseason sales! Thanks to the weather being so rubbish, the sales seem to be much better than usual for this time of year, and earlier in the week I managed to pick up some real bargains online. I went for a super-cute Topshop tee and three pairs of shoes (these ones, these ones and these ones!) and then found the pretty broderie anglaise top I’ve been eyeing on Zara for months also made it into the sale section – so it also made it into my shopping basket.

Not content with online shopping, Lewis and I also hit our local mall this weekend too; with a wedding coming up next weekend (more on that in a minute) we had a few bits and pieces we want to buy, and so naturally I ended up delving into the sale rails again. I picked up a concertina-pleat strappy top from Topshop, and the most beautiful blue lace Zara dress – I may be poor but I am very pleased!

On Friday, I did something very out of the ordinary for me, and went to the races. Not any old races, Royal Ascot, with tickets to the exclusive Furlong Club. Now if you know me, you’ll know that I don’t necessarily love animal sports, but this was a work trip I was hosting, so I was determined to make it a great day. I took some lovely ladies from some fantastic magazines and we had a gorgeous time – we might not have seen many horses, but we had a lot of fun! It was such a nice way to end the week and as it was something I’d been nervous about attending, I’m really pleased that it went so well.

Another upside of Ascot is that after mentioning to my blogger guest (the lovely Edita) that I also had a blog, but hadn’t posted any outfit pictures in months, she very kindly insisted that we shoot some snaps on the race course – which I was delighted with! I can’t wait to share them with you, they looked great and have given me a boost of confidence in posting outfit photos again after a long hiatus.

And finally, as I mentioned, this weekend we are off to Edinburgh for a family wedding and I am so excited! We’ve been looking forward to it for months; we have Friday booked off for the big day and so much fun planned. Edinburgh is undoubtedly one of my favourite cities and I always feel excited about spending time there; I’m looking forward to a lovely long weekend with my favourite person, exploring one of our favourite places and spending a little time with his family too.



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