Five Good Things #12

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Has anyone else felt like this has been the longest week EVER?! I couldn’t tell you how thrilled I was to finally flop down on the sofa last night, with a whole weekend of relaxing ahead of me…

Last weekend was such a lovely one, I’m still a little bit sad that it couldn’t last forever! We travelled to Edinburgh for a long weekend, to take in a family wedding and a fair bit of exploring. After Friday’s wedding, which was gorgeous, we spent Saturday wandering along the beach and getting stuck into the heart of the city before having dinner with family, and had a lazy Sunday before we reluctantly boarded our flight back to London. Everywhere that isn’t London has such a laidback vibe in comparison, but Edinburgh really is something else!

After having to return most of the pieces I mentioned in my last post, I went back in on the sales and I went in hard. In my defence, I sold a lot of stuff on eBay this week so I could use the profits to shop! I’m waiting on deliveries of a gorgeous metallic pink co-ord and some black ghillie shoes from New Look, a pink suede wrapover skirt from River Island and a pleated skirt and some cool silver trainers from H&M. All bargains, I think you’ll agree! I’m looking forward to styling them up and getting back into outfit blogging again.

My darling best friend is down in London this weekend (which I’d completely forgotten about – sorry if you’re reading this!) so I’m extra-excited to see her. I’m looking forward to some kind of lazy, boozy brunch on Sunday, the ideal way to catch up – is there anything better than a pancakes-and-prosecco combo?

We’ve had a huge clear-out and tidy-up in the flat and I am loving the calmness of it all. One thing you definitely couldn’t call Lewis and I is minimal, however much we’d like to be. We love our stuff and we definitely fall prey to a fair bit of clutter. But every couple of months we blast the lot and have a ruthless sort-out, and I love the serenity when it’s all finished. Clear tables, no clutter! We’ll see how long it lasts…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been participating in my bi-annual tradition that is re-reading all of the Harry Potter books. I finished them (again) this week and there’s only one way to fill the gap – a movie marathon! Weekend evening plans sorted. Now if only I could get Cursed Child tickets…!



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