Monthly Favourites: August

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I’ve been taking it back to basics this month; with the humidity here in London, plus the dusty commute, the heat and the general grimness of the air down here, my skin can easily look dull and dry without proper attention. I’ve really been getting the use out of my Foreo Luna dupe, the Precision Beauty electronic facial brush. Paired with a gentle cleanser, like this Body Shop Vitamin E one, I love using this facial brush 3 or 4 times a week to gently buff away dead skin cells and leave behind fresh, plump and smooth skin.


I dyed my hair back to brown this month(!) and I’ve been enjoying experimenting with my makeup to suit my new shade. One of the products I’ve rediscovered is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette; I didn’t get much use out of this palette when I was blonde but it definitely works for me when my hair is darker. I love the soft rose shades and the richer mauves, perfect for creating a more autumnal look!


So as I mentioned, I took my hair back to brunette this month. It was kind of an impulse decision; a week before I was loving my pearly blonde hair, and then the continuous difficult upkeep and damaged condition annoyed me one time too many, so I booked a trip to the salon and had it transformed back to brown. I hated it for the first fortnight as it was SO dark, but now it’s washed out and faded loads so it’s a much nicer, softer brown. I still love the blonde and I think I won’t be kept away from it for long, but it was time to give my hair a rest – and brunette is so much easier to manage than bleached!


I’ve spied a few gorgeous pieces online and in the sales this month, but my favourite is this pink ruffled blouse from ASOS. It’s extreme ruffles! I can’t wait to pair this with black jeans or leather leggings for the autumn, it’s going to be a seasonal favourite I think.


It’s too hard to pick one shop this month as the sales have been so good! I’ve gotten some great pieces in ASOS, Topshop and New Look, and I’m fearing for my bank balance post-payday as the new season collections are so gorgeous…!


I think I’ve probably already mentioned this somewhere, but I’ve been engrossed in Sex and The City this month; all 6 seasons are on Sky (never mind that I’ve had them on DVD for years) and I’m currently into season 5. I’m loving reminiscing with an old favourite show, although it’s only now I’m older that I can see the flaws in the characters so much easier. I mean, Carrie really is a dick, right?


My Spotify Motown playlist has been spicing up my evenings this month!


Speaking of spicing up my evenings, my favourite dinner this month has been steak and fries, with the addition of a homemade chimichurri sauce. Inspired by a delicious dinner we had at Hawker House a while back, I use this recipe for an amazing zingy update to a classic meal. Plus it’s super quick to make, and much easier than a bearnaise!


Quite a treat this month – we’re off to Barcelona! Keep an eye on my Instagram for plenty of snaps and tips, I can’t wait!


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