A Little Life Update (again…)


You know me, you know I like to keep my readers updated – whether it’s my favourite new skincare, or a holiday we’ve enjoyed, or something a little bigger, like today’s news…

We had been living in London for two years this summer, and while it’s something I will never regret, it’s a choice that has led to a difficult couple of years. London is an incredible city, it’s my home city – but it’s a tough city. It’s expensive, busy, stressful and often quite frightening, and for me, everything has always felt like a huge compromise. We had to rent truly the worst flat we’d ever lived in for the first eight months of living there, purely because it was the best we could afford(!)  and while we had been able to buy a flat that we loved, it wasn’t in an area that we loved, and it was much further from town than we’d like to have been. It’s been compromise after compromise living in London, and sometimes you have to know when enough is enough, and living feels more like existing.

So (as you might have guessed if you follow my Instagram) we have upped sticks, and moved to Edinburgh.

In some ways it’s been an easy choice, and in some ways it’s been a difficult one. Moving back to Scotland is a topic Lewis and I have discussed, but we weren’t ever sure of the timings – I guess we just thought we’d know when the time was right. Turns out, that time is now.

We truly tried to love living in London; there’s many things that we love about it and that we’ll miss over the coming weeks, months and years, but nothing big enough to take away from the huge expense, the stress, the awful daily commute and the loneliness of being apart from our friends and lots of our family.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, or the way you’d imagined they would, and that’s ok.

I truly believe that things happen for a reason, and the life I have now is one that I really and wholeheartedly enjoy, even just a few weeks in when everything should still feel sticky and clunky and too new to be comfortable. My new job came into my life in the most fortuitous of ways, and really has boosted my belief in serendipity and the whole ‘life plan’ saga.

Our decision to move has definitely upset a few people, but I do believe that the best decisions aren’t always the easiest ones to make. My family are sad that I’m no longer nearby, especially in the months leading up to my only brother’s wedding in the spring, but they totally support our decision and know that it will lead to us being much happier. And Virgin Trains are very cheap these days, and weekends are there for cross-country adventures. As my mum says, it’s not like it’s Australia!

So why Edinburgh? It’s Lewis’s home city for a start, but it’s also somewhere we’ve thought about for years. It’s just the most gorgeous, interesting, romantic city. When the decision came about of which university to attend, Edinburgh courses topped both of our lists. But as I say, things don’t always work out the way you want them to, and we went to Glasgow instead, where we had an absolute ball for three or four years. We travelled to Edinburgh lots and always spoke about one day living there, but then we moved to London and put all thoughts out of our minds. In the last few months, it came back into our heads in a big way, and all signs seemed to be pointing north-east. So we decided to take the plunge and go for it, and why not?

Life is an adventure and it is here to be lived after all. And this whole experience has taught me that however scary something seems, everything can be fixed and you can make anything happen that you want to. When we decided to do this, only a few short weeks ago really, even now, my head was filled with the problems of selling our home, finding a new job and everything that comes along with it. But in only about eight or nine weeks, life has turned itself around and everything has happened so quickly. We have sold our flat (completed this week actually!) and I got an offer of a freelance contract over the summer which turned into the job I am so enjoying now. We are staying with family for the time being and it feels comfortable and laidback and chilled out – the absolute antithesis of London life.

Everything has, somehow, fallen into place. And that makes me surer than ever that this is totally the right decision for us.

So I hope you’ll follow me onto my new adventure – I’ll be sure to share my journey as well as tips and advice on my favourite places in this beautiful new city I’ll be calling home from hereon in. And so the adventure begins…


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