Monthly Favourites: September




Somewhere between arriving in the blistering heat and dry air of gorgeous Barcelona at the end of August and then heading into the distinctly chillier environment here in Edinburgh, my skin has had no idea what it’s doing and hasn’t really been itself. I’ve had a bit of a dull complexion and my skin felt much drier and flakier than usual. Cue two products I was sent a little while ago from The Hero Project, which have become dressing-table must-haves all over again. I love using the Glow Drops facial oil in the morning, to add a serious dose of moisture and help my skin look fresh and new and lovely. It sinks in super fast and provides a lovely, hydrated base for makeup. On particularly dry days, the Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost gel is a real skin saviour; I use this under moisturiser for that extra hydration hit and it works beautifully every time.


Since things feel a hell of a lot more autumnal up here, I’ve really been getting back into my winter look a few weeks ahead of time. One of the looks I always love at this time of year is heavy, sixties-style winged eyeliner, and I’ve been busting this one out on a daily basis at the moment. My weapon of choice is Soap & Glory’s SuperCat Fat eyeliner pen, which creates the smoothest line in a flash and is a gorgeous true black that doesn’t flake, shift or smudge.


My favourite new purchase this month has been a replenishment in my book supply! My books are all boxed up in a storage unit not far from here and while they’re nearby, they’re not easy to find. Desperate for some material, I headed to my new local bookstore and picked up a few I’ve been dying to read; Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love and Love In A Cold Climate, and Life by one of my all-time icons, Keith Richards. So far, so fabulous. Curling up in the eaves with a blanket, a mug of tea and a great book is one of my all-time favourite pastimes.


After my ASOS floral midi dress died a death (split seams are not fun), I was on the lookout for a replacement. I dallied with the idea of this Dorothy Perkins one but the print was just too garish, and I couldn’t find anything I liked – until I found this one from Warehouse. I love the bell sleeves, the longer length, and that pretty ditsy print, and I loved it even more when I found it half-price on the House of Fraser mid-season sale!

On a side now, how good is Warehouse this season?!


You may have guessed this from my little comment above – but seriously, Warehouse’s AW16 collection is just gorgeous. So sleek, so cool, but with that spritz of personality and edge that lifts it from anything else on the high street just now. I can see me spending far too much there this autumn…


I’ve not actually seen too much TV this month, but one thing I will always make time for is Strictly Come Dancing. I love literally everything about it, including its sister BBC2 show, It Takes Two. I really, truly, LOVE it.


I’ve been getting on board with a much more relaxed playlist this month, easing me into lazier mornings and more carefree evenings – I’ve been loving The Beach Boys and have really gotten back into Arctic Monkeys’ AM too.


There’s not been too much opportunity for evenings out as it’s been an expensive month, what with relocating and selling our home and all those shenanigans, but we did make time for a tea-and-cake date at the renowned Mimi’s Bakehouse in Leith. Riverside location, check. Twee decor, check. Heart-stoppingly, eyes-bulgingly large and sugary slabs of delicious cake, CHECK.


Again, there’s not been too much scope for treats, but we’re really hoping to book something a little bit fabulous for Christmas – watch this space!


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