Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Secret Santa


We’ve all been there and needless to say we’ll be there again this year; the dreaded search for the annual ‘Secret Santa’ gift is upon us. Armed with a budget of £15 or less, it’s often a total mindbender searching for a gift for Judith from accounts that she’ll love, when you’ve only shared two words this year over the kitchen coffee machine. But fear not, I’ve lined up some of my favourite bargainous buys that will make Secret Santa shopping a breeze for 2016…

A notebook is both beautiful and useful, but you can personalise it somewhat with one of these beautiful Zodiac Notebooks, which are just £6. All you need to do is remember their birthday (vaguely) or just check it with HR, and you’ve got a thoughtful gift they’re sure to use too.

Foodie gifts are always a joy to receive, but not to worry if you’re not closely assimilated with their favourite foods – if you pick either chocolate, cheese or coffee, you’re bound to have picked a winner. Edinburgh chocolatiers Edward & Irwyn sell the most incredible Muscovado & Sea Salt Hot Chocolate, which is also vegan-friendly. £8 for 200g of pure luxury that they can sip smugly at their desks, you can’t go wrong. At the other end of the spectrum, cheese. Personally I can’t stand the stuff, but I don’t know a single other person who doesn’t adore cheese in all its forms, especially the ubiquitous mac ‘n’ cheese. Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese recipe book offers a huge selection of recipes so that your chosen fan fromage can indulge every day of the week if they so choose. For coffee lovers, this beautiful copper travel mug is super stylish and practical too. It’s slightly over the usual budget at £12 but just look at that burnished bronze finish…

If your recipient loves all things colourful and kitsch, or equally can’t tear themselves away from their phone, one of Lime Blonde’s fabulous cases would go down a treat! There’s a great selection of bright and beautiful styles, but my particular favourite is this candy-pink number, adorned with parrots in tropical colours. Sure to brighten up the winter!

Also along the lines of pink and colorful, is this beautiful print by Scottish designer Jenni Douglas. Its floral styling is chic and simple, and the colours gently pop off the print for a super stylish finished effect. If you know your recipient is really into interiors then this would be a perfect gift, plus it’s a total bargain at just £10.

For crafty types, a cross-stitch kit is fun and also hugely on-trend. I really like this Innocent Bones one, which is just £7 and lets them create their own cross-stitched slogan to hang proudly at home (and show off on Instagram, of course).

And finally, a suits-all gift that they’re sure to love; Lucky Cloud’s Lip Butter Trio is just £10 for three handmade, all natural and vegan-friendly lip balms, in vanilla, coconut and cocoa flavours. They smell (and taste!) delicious, and do a fabulous job of protecting lips in the chilly winter weather, so your recipient is approx. 10 times more likely to be puckering up under the mistletoe at the staff party…


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