Monthly Favourites: March 2017

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This month has seen a real turning point in the condition of my skin, and I think it’s all down to one incredible new addition to my beauty routine. After years of hype, I finally purchased a tube of La Roche Posay’s famed Effaclar Duo +, and so far, so fabulous. I’ve never really suffered with spots before but in the last year or so my skin has been prone to developing painful, under-the-skin spots that lurked on my face for weeks without any signs of disappearing. I’ve been using Effaclar Duo for around four weeks and the change in my skin so far is amazing – in the first weekend, lingering cystic spots were brought to the surface to be disposed of, and while one or two have still developed over the month, they’ve been nowhere near as big or painful, and have disappeared in a day or two. My only issue is that I didn’t buy into this before!


Earlier in the month, I gave up trying with my previous foundation routine, and went back to my old favourite with a new blend, Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation. While the colour match isn’t as perfect as the Revlon ColorStay formulas (Bourjois is always a bit yellow on me), the formula is better than ever, delivering a sheer wash of healthy, dewy colour that brightens the skin and gently hides imperfections. Blendable, buildable and natural-looking, this is a budget-friendly foundation that is hard to beat in my eyes.


This is a purchase I didn’t intend to make this month, but after the strap of my (not-so) trusty Mango trio bag snapped just as I got inside the airport to embark on a weekend away, I didn’t have much option. I had to hotfoot it to the nearest Accessorize, where I promptly decided to replace the broken bag with this little lady. Small and sophisticated, and made from the softest leather, it’s a gorgeous bag that does the job beautifully – I just wish I hadn’t had to spend the money to buy it! At least it was discounted in the duty-free section of the airport…


This month, I did the laughable – but I know we have it all done at some point (tell me we’ve all done it at some point?!). I went on a mad hunt to track down an item I have previously owned but returned – around a year ago. You may remember Zara selling a seriously cute white broderie anglaise top, with long sleeves, ruffles and a slightly cropped length – Liv is wearing it beautifully here. Last spring, I dutifully bought it as I loved it so much on the website, but I hated it on me. If I’m brutally honest with myself, I was perhaps a little too chubby to pull it off with any aplomb, so I returned it sadly and didn’t look back. That is, until I spotted images of the blouse doing the rounds on Pinterest, and it grabbed hold of my heart all over again. I frantically searched eBay and blog sales to no avail, until I finally found one on Depop in my size. So I rebought it, and, dear readers, I am delighted to report that this year I am no longer too chubby to wear it, and it fits beautifully and it looks pretty bloody good too. So there.


I have actually tried really hard to not buy anything this month, so no real favourite stores are sticking out to me. Must try harder next month…!


We have been loving Catastrophe – a very grown-up sitcom from Channel 4. The third series is on currently, but we hadn’t seen any episodes before, so we’ve spent more evenings this month than I’d care to admit bingeing on All 4 to catch up with the previous series. It’s hysterically funny, so dry and sarcastic. I highly recommend it!


More Life – need I say more?!


I am a recent convert to poached eggs (I know…) and have been enjoying devouring them whenever possible. Last weekend, I had a day to myself and while waiting to collect some alterations, I decided to take myself off for a very late lunch, to The Skylark in Portobello. I’ve been before for cocktails (not great, admittedly) so my expectations weren’t especially high for their food offering – but I was very pleasantly surprised. Delicious, softly poached eggs, oregano roasted tomatoes, spinach, chestnut mushrooms and the most beautiful bread for mopping it all up – the tastiest brunch I’ve had in a very long while.


This month, of course, celebrates World Poetry Day, so I’ve actually been enjoying re-reading some old favourite poems and discovering some amazing new ones through Twitter. My favourite poem is this one – sit, feast on it.


Not much in the way of treats this month actually – we’re saving for a house purchase, a weekend away and everything else that comes along with life – but I have been able to pop out to dinner a few times this month, which is always a favourite treat. We’ve been for brownies, for pizza and of course, that amazing brunch I mentioned above. Food is the best indulgence!


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