Vintage Style Frocks and Flowers

I’m Laura, a 24-year-old from South London. I love reading and writing, making things, be that food, clothes or music, and dreaming of the big blue yonder. I love 1960s dresses, fabulous music, tea, cakes and cats. If you love these too then I’m sure we’ll get on just fine.

Frocks And Flowers is a place where I hope to document my goings on, what I wear and where I go.

I love to chat, and I love to share my day to day pleasures. You can follow me on the below platforms – I’d love to hear from you!

Twitter: frocks_flowers

Instagram: frocks_flowers

Pinterest: laurakinss

Or you can email me, for business or pleasure, at frocksandflowersblog@gmail.com!

All content © Laura Hudson 2013 – 2015. All rights reserved.


All gifted items are marked with * or c/o.
Occasionally, I’ll use affiliate links in my posts, as is common with most bloggers.
There may even be a sponsored post, but rest assured that these will only ever be present if it fits with my content and more importantly, my readers. I will always state where a post has been paid for.


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