A Little (Big) Announcement

I’m launching a brand-new blog!

Yes, that is indeed correct – as of today, Frocks & Flowers will be no more. I wanted you, my band of lovely, loyal readers to be the first to know, and to point you in the direction of my brand-new blog, The Style Stories.

2017 marks ten years of blogging for me. From the hazy days of 2007, where I spent my first summer in Scotland mostly alone and holed up in my bedroom, escaping loneliness that felt like it would never end by reading the daily escapades of people like Susie, Elisabeth and many more – to today, where I blog to make sure that my love for writing has an outlet, and to create something that’s truly mine.

After these ten years, and many different guises,  now’s the time to start afresh and create a new space that reflects who I am now. I started Frocks & Flowers just as I was about to graduate university, and four years later, things are hugely different now and I am too.

My new blog will still be a mix of fashion, beauty, travel and interiors, but with a little more ‘me’ sprinkled on the pages, and a more grown-up (and hopefully more sophisticated) approach to things – I’ll also be sharing food reviews, lifestyle tips and anything else that pops up and takes my fancy. I just hope you’ll join me on the journey!

I want to finish off by saying thank-you to each and every one of you that’s read my words, liked these posts, saved them to come back to later or followed the blog – it’s so surreal knowing that there are literally hundreds of you that have enjoyed what I’ve shared on these pages.

I hope to see you on the other side! Join me at www.thestylestories.co.uk from today x


Styling A Sideboard

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog interiors interior style inspiration how to dress a sideboard how to style a sideboard


I’ve talked about it so much on this blog but here we are again – it’s my favourite piece of furniture making a reappearance! This time I’m talking about how to style up a sideboard and turn it into more than a piece of storage, and into something beautiful in its own right.


When accessorising and styling something up, whether that’s an outfit or a piece of furniture, it’s always a good plan to pick a theme that pulls it all together. For me, that was metallic accessories in a vintage style, to match the 1960s aesthetic of the sideboard and tie it back into the rest of the room. I’ve chosen gold as the main metallic, with an accent of copper in small doses – I always think mixing metallics looks super luxe.


Accessorising was key to making sure the sideboard looked like a part of our living room, but it’s key to choose simple accessories that don’t clutter up the space or make surfaces look untidy. I chose a sleek gold lamp that makes a statement without being oversized or fussy. I also switch between vases for different plants; a gorgeous gold vase that looks just as good empty as it does filled with flowers, or the ubiquitous white IKEA metal plant pot for my new fern. And there’s another tip – plants make everything look better!

In terms of practicality, I also like to make sure that there’s items I’ll use, as well as items that just look good. So we decided to have the sideboard function as a bit of a bar cart too! To keep things simple, use a tray to keep all of the items together; I picked up  a gold round tray from H&M and have stacked our key cocktail paraphernalia on it to keep things looking tidy. So we have copper cocktail mugs, a vintage shaker and gold/silver bar tools too – everything you’d need to make a great cocktail but it looks gorgeous too!


I think the finishing touch to any room is artwork and styling up a piece of furniture like this is no different. I wanted a print framed on the sideboard and after much deliberation, I went for a really simple, pretty typography print in black and white (of course!). I chose this one from Etsy – it looks cute and it cheers me up every time I look at it.

I also wanted some artwork hanging above the sideboard –  it was the biggest, emptiest wall in the house and it really needed something to make a statement while sticking with our key theme of being sleek and simple. In the end, we chose these deep blue prints (to match the feature wall) complete with metallic sun and moon, framed in white so they have big impact against the wall.

So now we have the finished article and I love the way it looks in our living room. It’s easy to change things up t00 – a brightly coloured bouquet or a lush green fern changes the whole aesthetic and I can’t see me getting bored of it at all!

How do you like to style pieces in your home?

Interior Inspiration: Sixties Style

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog interiors interior inspiration sixties home style retro style


If there’s one decade I love more than any, it’s the 1960s. The fashion, the beauty, the music, the style – and this isn’t just limited to our wardrobes. Sixties style, mixed with a chic Scandinavian flavour, is exactly how I want our home to look, and there’s some incredible pieces available just now to help us all achieve that chic retro flavour.

Pared-back tones of white and grey, mixed with darker woods, metallics and pops of colour are the key ingredients to get that vintage look. Furniture-wise, statement chairs are a great way to inject a key hit of style into the room, without compromising on comfort or making huge changes to your existing pieces. I love the Eames-style rocking chair and definitely have my eye on this for our living room, piled with a fluffy rug for a perfect reading nook – or this bright buttery yellow style is perfect for adding a pop of colour, in a great vintage shape.

Choose tables and storage with quirky details, like hairpin legs or splayed legs, like this side table and sideboard. Simple shapes and plain colours are key but you can still buy clever; a sleek sideboard looks fuss-free and streamlined, but you can cram it full of bits and pieces to keep the rest of your room looking tidy and minimal too.

In terms of accessories, I love pops of prints and colour, and splashes of metallics too. A gold round mirror is simple and striking, while a classic polka dot print is updated in the form of dalmation spots – a super cute way to add interest to any room. Throw down a rug to add colour and spark to your living room or hallway too; this bright patterned yellow one looks great and has that vintage vibe with a modern edge.

How would you give your home a 60s style?


Springtime at Home

Somehow – and I’m not sure how it’s happened – this weekend marks a whole year since we bought our flat and became homeowners for the first time. It’s been a tumultuous year in a sense; we’ve spent many hours redecorating the flat and making it our own, gathering up any spare cash to spend on new furniture, paint or the perfect home accessories. Surprisingly, it took us pretty much the full year to get it all done, with the most progress being made this Springtime, when we finally finished the living room and the hallway and could enjoy our new home properly!

To celebrate Springtime and the home we’re lucky enough to live in, the guys at Ocean Loans kindly sent me a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 polaroid camera (in pink, natch) to get snapping my favourite corners of our home in the best season of the year. So here’s what I got up to and got snapping…


Spring is the perfect time to liven up the home with some greenery, and we’ve definitely been trying to add some plant life to our living room over the last few weeks. Not only did we buy a hanging basket for the balcony, but we’ve also picked up some herb plants, some trailing ivy, a very cool fern and these super cute cacti, which are making themselves at home on the living room shelves!

This time of the year is also the perfect time to start experimenting with some fresh and flowery cocktails when the weekend comes around, and I wanted to share with you a snap of our cool copper cocktail corner – try saying that after a few margaritas! I picked up the gorgeous gold tray in H&M last month, and the gold and silver barware is from M&S, luckily picked up in the sale. I found the amazing copper cocktail mugs in TK Maxx, and the whole set is finished off with my vintage 60s cocktail shaker, found in a charity shop years ago for a pound! I’m so glad we have a proper place to display our cocktail paraphernalia now, and it’s always the centre of attention when we have guests to visit!

As I mentioned, this springtime has been the period of time when we finally managed to start and finish our living room, and I’m so happy with the finished look. This little back corner is my favourite part of the room, and plays host to some of my favourite purchases and pieces in the whole house. Here we have our amazing G Plan original sideboard, which houses so much stuff (the space seems endless), and is decorated with my favourite accessories. The gold lamp from TK Maxx is perfect here, along with the gold ‘L’ from Oliver Bonas and this pretty print which I picked up from Etsy. I finished things off with a beautiful gold vase from H&M, which I try to always keep filled with beautiful fresh flowers.

Above all of this hang two prints which we only put up a few weekends back – these gorgeous sun and moon prints are by the Tom Pigeon studio, and are exactly what we were looking for in our living room. We wanted simple, mixing the blue from our feature wall with the metallics that are present elsewhere in the room, and these fit the bill exactly – the perfect finish touch to our living room makeover!

I’ve so enjoyed snapping my favourite corners of my favourite room in the home – thanks so much Ocean Loans for asking me to take part in this project! Are you inspired to makeover your home this Spring?

Five Best Buys for Our Flat

Home Comforts

We’ve been in our flat for around eleven months now, which has given us just about long enough to redecorate 90% of the space and start filling it with bits and pieces that we love. It’s been a lot of fun choosing the style and scheme of our first proper home together, in a way that you can’t quite manage in a rental. Here’s my rundown of the best bits and key purchases that have helped our first flat feel like a forever home…

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog interiors vintage sideboard how to accessorise a sideboard shelfies

Vintage Sideboard

I know, I know – when will I stop banging on about this sideboard?! If you’ve somehow missed my deluge of chat about this sideboard, I’ll fill you in. Basically Lewis and I spied a 1960s G Plan sideboard on Gumtree one Sunday morning a few weeks back, and had it delivered about an hour later. Before we got it, our living room just couldn’t shake that ‘just moved in’ feeling, with a couple of boxes still tucked away at the back of the room and clutter everywhere that had no place to live. As soon as it was in our living room, the whole space changed and suddenly felt pulled together. Not only does it look *amazing*, but it’s swallowed so much clutter and has hidden away so many of those little bits that kept making the place look messy. Definitely one of the best pieces we’ve ever bought!

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog home interiors

Love Seat

We only had one sofa when we moved into the flat, along with a couple of dining chairs. After my birthday tea, where four or five of us were huddled on the carpet, we decided that we definitely needed to hurry up and find another seating solution. Our current sofa is pretty bulky (can’t wait to get rid of it!) so we wanted something smaller – a love seat seemed like the perfect option. Our one is from Dunelm and it’s the perfect size and is so pretty, I love the shape of it. It was also so reasonable compared to other furniture websites, saving us literally hundreds of pounds. At the moment, the biscuit colour matches our other sofa so I’ll keep it this way, but once we upgrade to a nice navy main sofa, I desperately want to reupholster this one in grey or mint. Our one isn’t available anymore but this one is pretty similar.

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog home interiors

Hallway Runner

One of the main things I was desperate to change about our flat before we moved in was the carpets; the hallway and bedroom are clad in black, complete with silver sparkles. Shudder. One thing I didn’t factor in was paying for new carpets, so while we were saving, I wanted to find some alternative to make the hallway look a little fresher. The answer was an amazing monochrome chevron runner rug from Next, which I got in the sale for about £30. It’s no longer available but this one is very similar. Our hallway walls are white, with black and white prints and accessories, so this was the perfect match and has totally changed the vibe of the space – now the black carpet looks intentional and cool, not dark and dingy as it once did. Now I’m not even that bothered about replacing it!


Dressing Table

In our last rental, I barely had room for a makeup bag, let alone a dressing table. So once we were settled in our flat, I made buying a pretty dressing table a priority. I’d always loved the look of this Dunelm one, and it was so reasonable too (I think I bagged it on a 20% discount weekend as well!). It might not be squared-off and 60s-inspired like most of our other furniture, but it looks perfectly at home in our bedroom and has finally given me a dedicated space to luxuriate in getting ready.

IKEA Shelves

This final one’s a bit random, I grant you. Our flat is actually pretty big all round, so we have the room for proper shelves, but both of us loved the look of the slimline Lack ones from IKEA. They’re about £4 each which is just ridiculously cheap, and we’ve fitted a selection of them throughout the house, as they make the perfect display shelves without ever looking bulky or taking up too much space. We’ve used three rows of them in the kitchen to display our cookbooks, two side by side in the hallway to show off records, prints and photos, and a small one above my dressing table, where my jewellery stands live. Cheap and cheerful, and a buy that’s made a big difference in a very subtle way.

What bits and pieces have been the best buys for your home?

My Society6 Wishlist




Prints Charming

Now we’ve finally gotten around to the finishing touches for our flat, it’s time for the fun stuff – choosing accessories and artwork! I’ve been gradually building a collection of pretty and practical home accessories for about a year now, since we knew we’d be moving in here, but artwork’s been something we’ve had to leave until the very end, until we knew what would suit our space.

There’s so many places to shop online for prints and artwork, but one of my favourite places to buy artwork is Society6. It’s a site selling the work of independent artists from all over the world, and you can get their work printed onto anything from traditional prints to cushion covers and phone cases. So not only do you find amazing, creative and unique artwork for your home, but every purchase supports an independent artist too. The prices vary as the artists set their own, but usually things are very affordable.

There are literally millions of things to buy on the site so whittling down your favourites is tricky, but I’ve chosen a few for this post that might be making their way to me soon. We have a lot of white and grey in our flat, with flashes of black, pink and gold, so these prints work so well for our colour scheme. I’m hoping to prop the spots and the gold marble up on our bedroom shelf, hang the pineapple in our bathroom and keep the constellations in the lounge – I’m sure I’ll find space for the others too!

Where’s your favourite place to buy prints?


Home Wishlist #2

frocks and flowers frocks & flowers uk lifestyle blog interior blog home accessories wishlist gold accessories copper home accessories copper cutlery marble plates marble home accessories



I can’t help it, I am just obsessed with decorating our flat!

We’re in the final stages of finishing off the living room now, which means I can finally unleash my full vision for the way I want it to look, and start bringing in some more accessories. The living room is mostly white, with a deep blue feature wall, and we’re accessorising the room with plenty of gold, my favourite metallic.

I spied this unusual gold triangular magazine rack from Holly’s House and I think it will be a great way to store some of my back issues of ELLE, Vogue and Ideal Home – plus, it’s incredibly cheap from that store so feels like a real bargain. They have so many gorgeous pieces but the prices hurt my purse more often than not. I also found these mini hanging photo frames from H&M and I love the style. I’m planning on purchasing a few of them and creating a cluster somewhere in the room, but I’m not sure where yet. I want to fill them with some handwritten notes and some old photographs for a really interesting look that’s different to the rest of the artwork we have around the house.

As you’ll have seen, we recently bought a vintage 1960s sideboard, and I have been waiting to find the right accessories to dress it up. It’s already home to an amazing gold and white lamp I found in TK Maxx, but I want to store our cocktail pieces there too. I found this gorgeous gold cocktail shaker and I am obsessed with it – it would look perfect sitting on the sideboard with a small selection of cocktail glasses and other paraphernalia. Isn’t it beautiful?! And this vase from H&M is just too beautiful – I can’t wait to fill this with flowers and keep our sideboard looking lovely.

I’ve been lusting over some bits for other rooms of the flat too – this ‘Let’s Stay Home’ print from Etsy would be ideal framed and placed on the shelf above our bed. Dining-wise, I’ve found my perfect set-up too; these marble-effect plates from M&S are just too stunning, especially when paired with copper cutlery(!) from Next, of all places. I want it all!

What do you think of my home wishlist?