A Little (Big) Announcement

I’m launching a brand-new blog!

Yes, that is indeed correct – as of today, Frocks & Flowers will be no more. I wanted you, my band of lovely, loyal readers to be the first to know, and to point you in the direction of my brand-new blog, The Style Stories.

2017 marks ten years of blogging for me. From the hazy days of 2007, where I spent my first summer in Scotland mostly alone and holed up in my bedroom, escaping loneliness that felt like it would never end by reading the daily escapades of people like Susie, Elisabeth and many more – to today, where I blog to make sure that my love for writing has an outlet, and to create something that’s truly mine.

After these ten years, and many different guises,  now’s the time to start afresh and create a new space that reflects who I am now. I started Frocks & Flowers just as I was about to graduate university, and four years later, things are hugely different now and I am too.

My new blog will still be a mix of fashion, beauty, travel and interiors, but with a little more ‘me’ sprinkled on the pages, and a more grown-up (and hopefully more sophisticated) approach to things – I’ll also be sharing food reviews, lifestyle tips and anything else that pops up and takes my fancy. I just hope you’ll join me on the journey!

I want to finish off by saying thank-you to each and every one of you that’s read my words, liked these posts, saved them to come back to later or followed the blog – it’s so surreal knowing that there are literally hundreds of you that have enjoyed what I’ve shared on these pages.

I hope to see you on the other side! Join me at www.thestylestories.co.uk from today x


Spring Cleaning My Wardrobe


Now that it’s April, and the evenings are light and – dare I say it – the weather is getting a little warmer, it properly feels like Spring is here. I’d been thinking for a few weeks now about setting aside an afternoon to rearrange my wardrobe ready for the new season, so when Satsuma got in touch to ask me to be a part of their Spring Cleaning campaign, it felt like perfect timing.

I’m quite lucky that, in the apartment we’re currently renting, we have a spare bedroom with a double wardrobe. In this wardrobe lives my ‘surplus’ of clothing – that is, all the pieces that would be entirely inappropriate for the season. So at the moment, the wardrobe is filled with summer clothing – floaty dresses, strappy tops and cropped trousers galore, with a few pairs of sandals thrown in for good measure. And in my ‘main’ wardrobe, the rails are stuffed with jumpers and the floors are covered in my boots. So it’s definitely time for a swap around, and while making the transition, it’s a perfect time to reassess what’s in my wardrobe – what can stay and what really needs to leave (preferably via eBay!).

Now don’t worry, I’m not about to start preaching about creating a capsule wardrobe – I’m far too much of a maximalist for that. But life is so much simpler when you can just dip into the wardrobe with ease each morning, knowing that everything in there looks good, feels good and works well with other pieces in there. It’s just about clearing out the clutter to find those little gems that you might have forgotten all about.

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So here are my top tips on spring cleaning your wardrobe in time for the season ahead…

1. Clear out from the past season
Take a look in your wardrobe, and remove anything that won’t work for the season ahead. In my case, this will be chunky jumpers, bulky cardigans and anything particularly dark or wintry. This includes winter boots, coats, hats and scarves that will also be cluttering up your closet! Assess each item carefully: what do you want to keep for next season, what’s past its best. Pack away the items you want to keep; I’ll be folding bulky jumpers and keeping them in the drawers under my bed, and tidying away coats, boots and accessories into the surplus cupboard. Anything else needs to go into a ‘throw’ or ‘donate’ pile.

2. Bring back pieces from last spring/summer
If you have a surplus wardrobe, like me, it’s time to reorganise that too. Go through the items with care again and think about what you will want to wear in the months ahead. Does an item you loved last summer still excite you? I like to look at pieces and think “if I saw you in the shops today, would I still buy you?”. If the answer is yes, it goes in the closet! If not, get those items in one of those two piles you’re already building up.

3. Take EVERYTHING out of your wardrobe
Now that the surplus seasonal stuff is dealt with, it’s time to start working on your main, everyday items. The best way to handle this is to take literally every item out of your wardrobe, and I mean everything; no backing out on shoes, coats, bags and other accessories. If there’s anything seasonal kept in drawers or elsewhere, bring that too – this is a purge, after all. Dumping it all on the bed means you have to get it finished too, otherwise no bedtime for you!

4. Start sorting into five key piles
I find that the easiest way to look at organising clothing is by sorting it into five key piles: keep, maybe, bin, donate, sell. This should make deciding what to do with your clothes much easier.

The ‘keep’ pile is obvious – this should consist of pieces that fit well, that you feel good in and that you know you will wear frequently in the season ahead.

The ‘maybe’ pile is a slightly trickier one – usually this will be pieces that haven’t been worn yet, pieces that you want to keep but aren’t sure why, or pieces that you just don’t know how to style. These pieces are the ones that should be tried on and considered carefully – if, once you try them on, you’re still not sure, then they should go into the ‘donate’ or ‘sell’ piles. If you’re not sure now, it’s pretty likely you won’t ever wear it.

‘Bin’ is simple – pieces that are overworn, damaged or just generally worn out should be repurposed or thrown away. Everything has a life span and this applies to clothes too. Check for stains, holes, threadbare sections or just if something looks tired and done.

The ‘donate’ and ‘sell’ piles might be interchangeable, but my general rule of thumb is this: if it’s been worn a few times, is in fairly good condition and could be worn again, and didn’t cost too much in the first place, donate it. If something is unworn (especially with tags still on!), or still in fantastic condition and cost a fair amount to begin with, sell it. You can make good sales on eBay on pieces from high street stores as well as designer – if the quality is good, why not sell on, make a few pounds and put it towards funding new pieces for your closet?

5. Organise those piles!
Bag up the ‘bin’ pile and put it in the bin. Done. Bag up the ‘donate’ pile and leave it near your front door, so you’ll remember to take it with you next time you leave the house, and drop it off at your nearest charity shop. Put the ‘sell’ pile on your computer desk, so you’ll remember to photograph it and get it listed online ASAP – remember to snap them in good daylight, and scribble down all the details of each item so you can write a detailed description that will help the pieces sell.

I find that putting the piles somewhere that has the potential to irritate me (i.e. in front of the door, on my bed or on the desk chair) will push me to do what I need to do with them quicker, to get them out of the way.

Try on the ‘maybe’ pile and consider each piece with care. Do you like it, does it feel good? Does it fit, or are you squeezing yourself into something because you love it on the hanger? We’re all guilty of this! Be kind to yourself – if something doesn’t make you feel good now, it probably never will. Put it on the ‘sell’ pile and use the money to buy something that makes you feel fabulous. This applies to shoes too – how many pairs of shoes do you own because they’re pretty, but never wear because they’re painful?!

If something looks good but you’re just not sure if it goes with your wardrobe, put it into the ‘keep’ pile and move on to the next stage.

6. Assess what’s left.
Take a good look at what should now be one big ‘keep’ pile. How does it look? Do the pieces work together? Lay out the pieces and try and create at least three outfits for each key piece – obviously you can’t do these with statement pieces, but with more ‘everyday’ tops, skirts, jumpers, trousers and shoes, it’s good to make sure that pieces are versatile and that you can wear them in different ways.

If there’s a piece you love but you have nothing to go with it – don’t fret. This is what your ‘sell’ pile will help to fund – new pieces that do work! Make a list of anything you need to buy to fill the gaps.

7. Put it all away!
You’re almost there – and now it’s time to tidy it all away. Start putting things back in your closet, drawers, wherever you keep your clothes, but make sure you organise them in a way that makes sense. Jeans, basic tees and lightweight jumpers can be folded and put away into drawers or stacked on shelves – anything bulky needs to go in a different closet (if possible) or in a designated ‘winter wardrobe’ area.

For everything else, make sure it’s all hung up nicely, and then put it away in a way that makes sense to you. For instance, I organise my wardrobe in the same way I was taught to organise the rails during my time at H&M – by category, and then by sleeve length. So for instance, my rail is organised like this currently:

  • Strappy tops
  • Short sleeved tops
  • Long sleeved tops
  • Shirts
  • Cardigans
  • Jumpers
  • Strappy dresses
  • Short sleeved dresses
  • Long sleeved dresses
  • Short skirts
  • Longer skirts
  • Cropped trousers
  • Longer trousers

Sounds a bit mad, but it makes everything really easy to see and find. And if everything is easy to see and find, you’re more likely to wear it and get the maximum use out of everything in your wardrobe, all season long.

So there we have it – my top tips on spring cleaning your wardrobe! Hopefully you find my advice helpful in cleaning out your closet – and now I’m off to start on tidying up mine…

This post was in collaboration with Satsuma Loans. 

Weekend Wishlist

Daily Planner (1).png



This weekend’s wishlist doesn’t feel especially spring-like; in fact, it feels a bit like a wishlist I’d make in September. It screams of the new but also of the classic – routines done differently, a twist on the timeless. New candles, new stationery, new books and new clothes, in a classic shade of navy (of course).

After a few months of saving and daydreaming about things to come, this wishlist has a bit of a ‘treat yo’self’ vibe about it – and while I probably won’t act on it, it feels quite cathartic to shop online and play the ‘if money was no object’ game with a virtual basket.

First up, two luxury goodies I’d love to add to my Sunday night routine. Diptyque’s Rosa Mundi candle sounds exactly right for me: heady rose, sweet and sensual and sophisticated. Add to that the (travel-size) Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm and there’s a seriously indulgent evening to be had. I loved this cleansing balm during my last Elemis facial but it’s pricey – seeing that ASOS does this travel-sized version has made me think about treating myself and my skin to something a little bit special.

Also on a beauty note, I’m loving Aster & Bay’s Rosewater Mist. Disclaimer: I handle their PR, but on a serious note, this stuff is heavenly. It smells beautiful – rose and honeysuckle, with a crisp sea salt finish to stop it being too heavy or sweet. It’s a really light spritz that just refreshes the skin in an instant, ideal over makeup for a quick hydration boost. I’ve been reading how great rosewater is for hard-to-please skin, so I’m thinking about treating myself to a full-size bottle of this to see how we get along.

Now, along those new-season vibes… two new additions to the wishlist wardrobe, both in classic navy and arguably very sensible. I don’t own any jumpsuits (can never find the right length), but this culotte style from ASOS looks just right – cool, casual and perfect for spring/summer evenings paired with Stan Smiths or lace-up flats. It’s not the cheapest so I’ll be looking around for alternatives, but I really like this and can see it fitting well into my spring wardrobe. On the more realistic side of things, Edinburgh isn’t exactly warm most of the time, so a new jumper never goes amiss, no matter what the season is. I came across Ille De Cocos on Instagram and loved their Parisian-style sweaters and knits. This slouchy navy number with subtle pointelle detailing would be super cute with pleated skirts or jeans on chillier days.

It wouldn’t be a wishlist without books and stationery now, would it? You’ve probably seen The Curated Closet scattered in many an Instagram flatlay by now, (I know I have) and by all accounts it’s a great read and helpful for those of us with racks of clothes but only around five or six outfits in rotation. I’ll definitely be picking up a copy soon to help me tackle my mammoth wardrobe into submission! And to finish – did you know And Other Stories has started selling stationery?! If you didn’t, I suggest you head over to their website ASAP, as their stock is gorgeous. Think embossed notebooks, pastel leather cases and covers, gold metal hardware and seriously swoon-worthy colour schemes. I adore this chic little leather envelope clutch, perfect for keeping notes and receipts and doubling up as a cute little clutch!

Monthly Favourites: March 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 18.59.17.png



This month has seen a real turning point in the condition of my skin, and I think it’s all down to one incredible new addition to my beauty routine. After years of hype, I finally purchased a tube of La Roche Posay’s famed Effaclar Duo +, and so far, so fabulous. I’ve never really suffered with spots before but in the last year or so my skin has been prone to developing painful, under-the-skin spots that lurked on my face for weeks without any signs of disappearing. I’ve been using Effaclar Duo for around four weeks and the change in my skin so far is amazing – in the first weekend, lingering cystic spots were brought to the surface to be disposed of, and while one or two have still developed over the month, they’ve been nowhere near as big or painful, and have disappeared in a day or two. My only issue is that I didn’t buy into this before!


Earlier in the month, I gave up trying with my previous foundation routine, and went back to my old favourite with a new blend, Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation. While the colour match isn’t as perfect as the Revlon ColorStay formulas (Bourjois is always a bit yellow on me), the formula is better than ever, delivering a sheer wash of healthy, dewy colour that brightens the skin and gently hides imperfections. Blendable, buildable and natural-looking, this is a budget-friendly foundation that is hard to beat in my eyes.


This is a purchase I didn’t intend to make this month, but after the strap of my (not-so) trusty Mango trio bag snapped just as I got inside the airport to embark on a weekend away, I didn’t have much option. I had to hotfoot it to the nearest Accessorize, where I promptly decided to replace the broken bag with this little lady. Small and sophisticated, and made from the softest leather, it’s a gorgeous bag that does the job beautifully – I just wish I hadn’t had to spend the money to buy it! At least it was discounted in the duty-free section of the airport…


This month, I did the laughable – but I know we have it all done at some point (tell me we’ve all done it at some point?!). I went on a mad hunt to track down an item I have previously owned but returned – around a year ago. You may remember Zara selling a seriously cute white broderie anglaise top, with long sleeves, ruffles and a slightly cropped length – Liv is wearing it beautifully here. Last spring, I dutifully bought it as I loved it so much on the website, but I hated it on me. If I’m brutally honest with myself, I was perhaps a little too chubby to pull it off with any aplomb, so I returned it sadly and didn’t look back. That is, until I spotted images of the blouse doing the rounds on Pinterest, and it grabbed hold of my heart all over again. I frantically searched eBay and blog sales to no avail, until I finally found one on Depop in my size. So I rebought it, and, dear readers, I am delighted to report that this year I am no longer too chubby to wear it, and it fits beautifully and it looks pretty bloody good too. So there.


I have actually tried really hard to not buy anything this month, so no real favourite stores are sticking out to me. Must try harder next month…!


We have been loving Catastrophe – a very grown-up sitcom from Channel 4. The third series is on currently, but we hadn’t seen any episodes before, so we’ve spent more evenings this month than I’d care to admit bingeing on All 4 to catch up with the previous series. It’s hysterically funny, so dry and sarcastic. I highly recommend it!


More Life – need I say more?!


I am a recent convert to poached eggs (I know…) and have been enjoying devouring them whenever possible. Last weekend, I had a day to myself and while waiting to collect some alterations, I decided to take myself off for a very late lunch, to The Skylark in Portobello. I’ve been before for cocktails (not great, admittedly) so my expectations weren’t especially high for their food offering – but I was very pleasantly surprised. Delicious, softly poached eggs, oregano roasted tomatoes, spinach, chestnut mushrooms and the most beautiful bread for mopping it all up – the tastiest brunch I’ve had in a very long while.


This month, of course, celebrates World Poetry Day, so I’ve actually been enjoying re-reading some old favourite poems and discovering some amazing new ones through Twitter. My favourite poem is this one – sit, feast on it.


Not much in the way of treats this month actually – we’re saving for a house purchase, a weekend away and everything else that comes along with life – but I have been able to pop out to dinner a few times this month, which is always a favourite treat. We’ve been for brownies, for pizza and of course, that amazing brunch I mentioned above. Food is the best indulgence!

Monthly Favourites: February 2017




With my brother’s wedding only around ten weeks away now, I’m really starting to think about my skincare, and how to ensure I have a clear, blemish-free and glowing complexion in all of the photographs. To combat those pesky hormonal breakouts, I was recommended to try adding some acids into my skincare routine, and after some research, I decided to take baby steps and start with Nip+Fab’s Glycolic Fix Extreme Pads. Packed with AHAs and BHAs, these pads are designed to decongest skin and create a more even, brighter complexion. After two weeks of use, I have definitely noticed the difference in the texture and look of my skin – and while they haven’t necessarily prevented breakouts, they have dried out the blemishes and evaporated them in record time. If anyone has any recommendations to quash hormonal breakouts I would love to hear them!

I’ve also been loving a new facial oil to add some moisture back into my routine; Ermana’s Renew Face Oil* is seriously impressive and feels like a real treat to use. I’ve been adding this into my evening skincare routine post-acids, to boost moisture and generally give my skin a bit of a lift. It’s a really luxe, silky oil and is completely natural too – it gets a very big thumbs-up from me!


I don’t want to keep harping on about this wedding, but it is shaping so many of my decisions at the moment! My bridesmaid’s dress is red, and when I initially tried it on, I was wearing red lipstick. My soon-to-be sister-in-law loved the two together so I’ve set about trying to find the perfect matching red to last me through the day – and I think I’ve found it. NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo; a bright, vibrant, blue-based red that has a seriously glamorous feel about it, in a velvety formula that sets matte and lasts for DAYS. I’m just trying to ration it so I don’t use it all before the big day…


Zara’s sale didn’t hold much wonder for me this season, but I did manage to snap up one of my favourite purchases of the season before they sold out… These white leather heels are just perfect. Chunky wooden heel, pointed toe and unbelievably comfy – I know I’m going to get so much wear out of these, once it warms up in Edinburgh! The best bit was that they were reduced to just £12.99 down from £50-ish. They’re sold out online but you might have luck in store! I also purchased the Instagram blouse of the season – this unbelievably fun and frivolous floral embroidered blouse. It is Spring personified and I am so excited to wear this!


Honestly? My Gap merino sweatpants. It’s been a cold month, and an expensive month, so we’ve been staying in most nights and trying to stay in at least one day at the weekend, to save money. So while my fancier clothes aren’t getting much of an airing, I am basically living in these sweatpants in the evenings and/or on a Sunday, and they are the comfiest things I have ever owned. Gap usually reissue them every season so keep an eye out – I got mine for £15 in the sale last year and they are one of the best purchases I have ever made. Who needs pyjamas when you have these?!


I had spied Life Story in Broughton on a few Instagram accounts of late, and I kept meaning to pop in, without properly knowing where it was – so when we stumbled across it while walking through town a few weeks ago, we just had to pop in. It is the most beautiful shop – especially if you’re into your interiors and that effortless Scandi style. The boutique is packed with stationery and homewares that are meticulously chosen and beautifully presented, so if you don’t leave with a wishlist spiralling into the hundreds, you’re doing something wrong.


We have become a little bit obsessed with the brilliant BBC One drama Taboo. Created by and starring Tom Hardy (swoon), it’s a really dark, Gothic drama that holds you in suspense throughout. I won’t say much more than this for fear of ruining it, but Tom Hardy plays James Delaney, the presumed-dead son of a trading magnate who returns to London after his father’s death and proceeds to do whatever the hell he wants to do. It is dark and twisted and so, so good. The entire series will be on the BBC iPlayer for a while yet and I urge you to watch it. “I have a use for you…”


After saying last month that Lianne La Havas’ ‘Blood’ on vinyl was on my wishlist, Lewis went and bought it as my Valentine’s gift, and I have been playing it ever since. It sounds just as gorgeous as I hoped it would. Highly recommended!


I’m still on a bit of a journey to shift some extra pounds, and while I’ve lost over half a stone so far (go me!) there’s still a little way to go before I hit the target in my head. One thing I’ve found really useful is Slimming World’s recipes, as you know they’ll be low in fat and packed with vegetables and goodness. I absolutely love the recipe for their Easy Chicken Curry – it tastes delicious and so authentic, and adding in some natural yoghurt at the end gives it the perfect finishing touch. Great for satisfying those takeaway cravings without the guilt, check out the recipe here.


While we’ve been staying in this month a bit more than usual, it’s been a really good time to catch up on my reading and find some great new writers online. I’ve got Emma Cline’s The Girls on my bedside table for my night-time reading, but I also found Ella Risbridger and her fantastic column for The Pool this month. It’s beautifully written, so touching, sometimes devastatingly sad and at times so heart-burstingly happy – you can read the back catalogue here.


A trip to Paris! A treat in the purest sense of the word. We’ve booked a weekend away in my favourite city in May, and this time we’re going with another couple. It should be so much fun and I’m really looking forward to some time away, just the four of us.

Monthly Favourites: January 2017

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This month, my skin’s really been suffering from the effects of the chill here in Edinburgh; it’s been so dry and flaky, meaning my makeup’s been looking pretty darn rough too. For that extra dose of moisture every morning and evening, I’ve been reaching for the Hyasoft moisturiser from The Hero Project. This oil-free moisturiser is packed with hyaluronic acid and works to just add an extra injection of hydration underneath your regular moisturiser. It’s been a lifesaver for my flaky nose and chapped cheeks!


Beauty-wise, January for me has been about taking it back to that retro 60s aesthetic that I adore. Every now and again I find myself straying and becoming the sort of person who wears a bronze smokey eye – and then I remember that I’m definitely not that person, and hastily reach back for the black eyeliner. Big lashes are a key part of this look for me, and my new favourite mascara find comes courtesy of Revlon’s new mascara range – in particular the Dramatic Definition mascara. Two coats of this results in thick, black fluttery lashes to rival Twiggy, and while it’s not waterproof, it lasts really well, with no smudging and just a tiny bit of flaking after a few hours’ wear. For the price, it’s a great purchase.


Ok, so technically I didn’t purchase this, it was a Christmas gift, but it’s still one of my new favourite things. This beautiful Zodiac Journal from Anthropologie caught my eye the second I spotted it and now it has pride of place on my bedside table, perfect for jotting down my thoughts and ideas. It’s vegan leather, so perfect for everybody, and comes in this metallic grey, rose gold, blue and white variations depending on your starsign, with the constellation embossed in gold on the front. It also comes with a rose gold pen tucked into the side which is super stylish and makes quickly scribbling down ideas too easy to resist.


As I mentioned above, this month has been all about getting back into that vintage vibe that I love. One of my new year’s resolutions was to have fun with my wardrobe again, and abandon the tidal wave of jeans and jumpers currently coursing through my closet, so I’ve been making sartorial choices that embrace the sixties look I prefer. This gorgeous pale blush blouse from La Redoute has a concertina-style frilly collar and cuffs, and makes me feel like I’m cycling through Paris circa 1964. Ticking all the boxes, then.


La Redoute is firmly back on my radar this month, it has to be said. Their sale was amazing, and I managed to pick up a few pieces that otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to stretch to, like the blouse I mentioned above. After payday I’ll definitely be logging in again to snap up some homeware too, ready for a spring update in the flat.


The Crown is my new obsession! I knew I would love it and yet it still surpassed my expectations. If you haven’t watched it yet then I am firmly urging you to do so! It’s just such a lavish production, beautifully made and a stellar cast – the perfect thing to watch on chilly January evenings.


This month there isn’t a particular favourite music-wise, as we’ve spent the month rediscovering old favourites! We came home from a family Hogmanay with a new (old) record player in tow, and finally we have a proper setup for music. We had a few records lying around but now we can start collecting proper; my first purchase was AM (because why not?) and then I ordered Souljacker as part of Lewis’s birthday present too. Next on my shopping list (aside from all the albums ever) is Lianne La Havas’s album, Blood. It’s the most lush sound, really full and just gorgeous, so I’m looking forward to hearing what it sounds like on vinyl!


Despite going on the wagon this January and joining in with the typical losing-weight-getting-fit saga that’s wending its way throughout the country, we’ve had some pretty fabulous meals this month. Mostly because it was Lew’s birthday, and we travelled back down to London for it. My favourite meal was his birthday dinner at The Ivy in Covent Garden, where we enjoyed crispy duck, chicken liver pate, roast chicken, swordfish and even a little platter of salted caramel truffles at the end. Plus, the most delicious rose and hibiscus champagne cocktail that was utter joy to drink!


My treat this month was a foodie one too, I have to be honest. On the morning of Lewis’s birthday I booked a cosy corner at Dean Street Townhouse for breakfast; it’s one of my favourite spots for something special and I knew he would love it. We got a great table, tucked away from the hustle and bustle (and, as it turns out, it was the table next to a certain Andrew Garfield and a certain Emma Stone…) and enjoyed the most indulgent of birthday breakfasts. It was pricey, as you’d expect, but it was definitely a real treat that we both enjoyed. The poached eggs were perfection – I’m still Instagramming them weeks later!

The Dreamiest Candle Find

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In winter time, when the nights are dark and chilly, there’s nothing I like better than to snuggle up on the sofa and light a cosy candle that fills the room with warmth and a delicious fragrance. As soon as I light one, I feel cool and calm and just that little bit more grown-up.

My latest candle obsession comes in the form of Anthropologie’s Illume Boulangerie Jar Candles, in the fragrance Angel Food. It has such a luxurious, enveloping scent that I just can’t get enough of – even when it’s not burning, I find myself wandering over to the jar to give it a sniff and breathe in that delicious smell.

Angel Food is described as ‘sweet vanilla, butter and caramel’, which sounds sickly I know, but it’s a far warmer, richer scent than it is sweet. It has divine depth and a buttery warmth that I really love, it’s a truly decadent infusion of fragrances. I don’t especially like anything too sweet or synthetic in my candles, and this is neither.

The other main aspect that I love about this candle is the presentation; the porcelain jar features a pretty Parisian-inspired design stamp, and I know I’ll be using this for storage long after the candle has burned down.

If you’re looking for a little treat to pep up these last grey days of January, I’d highly recommend the Angel Food Illume Boulangerie Jar candle – I’ll see you at Anthropologie!